The Crafting Hour

As you read in my introduction post, I want to do one tutorial/how to a week and one “around the web” each week.  I’ve wanted to do a third post that chronicles some of my longer term projects, and that’s where this post comes in.  Often I only have an hour or two to work on a project.  For this series of posts, I’ll follow a single project that I expect to take me a while.  I can tell you that there will at least be a “Knittting Hour” and a “Quilting Hour”.  Other possible hours are “Painting” and “Sewing” hours.  The title of the post will have the project and the hours chronicled.  These hour posts will only happen once a week, on Wednesdays.  There will be at least one, but it might not always be the same one.  So I might put down the socks for a while and then switch off to the quilt.  This way, you can follow along with me as I work on larger projects.  In the end, I’ll put up a post with a picture from each hour so you can see the overall progress.  These posts aren’t quite going to be tutorials, but will talk about some of the struggles I have with particular projects and how I (hopefully) overcome them.  And to a certain extent, I guess you could probably use them as a tutorial.  I won’t be going step by step like I do with the tutorials though.  Look forward to the first hour this Wednesday:  “The Knitting Hour: Dumbledore Socks Hours 1-?”  We’ll have to see how far I get between now and then!


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