The Genesis of a New Blog

Hi!  As you might expect, this is a new blog.  From me, Kristy!  This is the second blog I am creating this week, and it’s purpose is a bit more fun.  The first blog I created can be found here and focuses on my academic work.  Here, I want to write a craft blog.  One that chronicles and shares my experiences in my creative endeavors.  I have found that making space for creativity helps keep my life balanced, and it helps keep me happy.  I really like making things.  It gives me a sense of joy to start with the component parts and create something that is real, solid, and there in front of me.  Also, I feel like there are several craft bloggers out there that are my friends.  But, they are always talking to me and I’m never talking to them.  I’m also the dreaded lurker (I read and read and read, but never comment).  So, by starting a blog I am hoping to become a part of that community.

So, what should you expect to see here?  Well, for starters I am planning on doing one tutorial a week.  I haven’t figured out when I’ll post them yet, but since I’ll be working on them on the weekends, it will probably be on Mondays at first.  I’d like to get ahead of the game so that I can post them on Friday’s.  This way, maybe you’ll get some inspiration for your weekend!  Additionally, I’m a really big fan of “roundups”.  These are things that I find on the internet and post links to here.  These help me get my creative juices flowing and help showcase all of the other wonderful things out there.  I’ll also be posting progress on some of my larger projects, like the quilt I am currently sewing for my brother and his new wife.

Going forward, I would like to do craft alongs where you participate as well.  And for some of my projects, it is easy for me to make more than one thing.  Those would be really fun to do as give-aways.  As I develop this space more, I’ll create a pinterest board and a facebook page.  But, first I need to get some posts here and develop this space as an actual space.  Expect these things to come in the next few weeks.  I am, after all, only one person!

With all of that, I’ll leave you with some teasers for tutorials to come.

GalifreanBlinds JayneHat Kaylee Hat PaperFlowers

Plus bags, dog beds, and cork drawer liners!

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