The Knitting Hour: Dumbledore Socks Hours 1-6 (Take 2)

The Knitting Hour: Dumbledore Socks Hours 1-6 (Take 2)

Before we get to the post, I have some exciting news for you:  I’m now on Ravelry!  Thank’s to Sarah for the suggestion.  You can find me there with the username “onyxguenhwyvar”.

So, I went searching high and low to try and find some yarn that would go with my purple to no avail.  The best I could find was to purchase it online for almost 5 times the in-store cost (plus shipping).  This did not sit well with me, but I found another option.  In searching high and low, I visited several specialty yarn stores and found some much nicer yarn that fit the original colors a little better.  And it was on sale for 35% off!  The sad thing is that it was on sale because said yarn store is closing.  🙁  While I never visited the establishment much since I don’t knit too often, I do like frequenting small craft stores for my materials.  They usually have a better selection with better quality materials as well. Long story short, I bought new yarn and started over.  I did pull a piece of yarn through my stitches and secure it so I can go back to that purple toe later if I want to though. Here are my new materials: IMG_5537 IMG_5548 Note that I went with a yellowish green instead of bright gold, which is closer to the original.  The purple is more maroon than purple, but it was the best combination I could find.  It’s also a really nice Superwash Merino instead of a polyester, so it’s definitely a step up material wise.  My toes will be nice and comfortable in these!  Below is a picture from the pattern for comparison.

Dumbledore Socks from Knitting Daily

The good news is that it didn’t take me nearly as long as last time since I knew what I was doing a little better.  I was able to keep the increases a little better, though there were still a few dropped stitches.  And I figured out how to cast on in a manner more suited to my style of stitching (more on that later).  It did take a while to wind the yarn into balls as well, especially since the maroon got all tangled.  I didn’t add that into my progress bar though, just to try to make myself feel better.  I think it took around 3 hours.  Earl was starting to get a little worried I wouldn’t eat since I insisted on untangling it first…. Here is my hourly progress:

Hour 1: Casting on and increasing


Hours 2 and 3: More increasing

IMG_5546 IMG_5551

Here is a comparison between the two toes.


Several things to note:  the width is about the same, but the length is different.  This is due to the fact that I messed up so royally on the first sock and kept needing to increase stitches.  Then I needed to decrease them because I put in too many.  This time around, I was much better with my increases and the number of rows is correct. Also to note is that the toe looks different.  This is because I cast on differently.  I still used Judy’s magic cast on, but I did it backwards so that the needles were in my left hand when I cast on.  I did it this way because when I originally taught myself to knit I managed to teach myself how to knit on the back stitch, instead of the front stitch. This means that all my knitting is, essentially, inside out.  For almost everything (scarves, sweaters, blankets, hats, etc.) this isn’t a problem.  However, because of the way this cast on works, I ended up with a weird seam.  By switching the direction of the cast on, I was able to have the seam integrate into the sock the way it’s supposed to.  Stupid weird idiosyncratic way I knit….

Hour 4: Adding the green.


Ok, confession time.  I did this twice.  The first time I did it I totally screwed up somewhere along the line and my seeded stitch got all wonky.  That’s the part that looks like alternating high and low rows for the knitting uninitiated.  (Don’t worry, I had not idea until now either. Consider me uninitiated.  Remember the self taught bit?)  Anyways, I tried to fix it, but I kept making it worse.  So,  went down to the purple and started up with the green again.  The good news is that with all that messing around, my pearling is coming along well.  And once I did that, this really did only take an hour.  So that’s awesome.  Now, I’ve got 6 inches of this to knit before moving on to something else, so expect the next couple of ‘hours’  to be just extending this.

Hour 5: More Green!

This hour was a particularly interesting hour.  I had the fortune to visit a friend of the family, but she lives a little more than an hour away.  I thought I’d pass the time knitting.  The twist here is that it was a gorgeous day, so we decided to drive with the top down on the convertible.  I bet if anyone realized I was knitting with the top down they’d really get a laugh out of that!  Anyways, here is the fruits of that particular hour’s labor.  I feel like I’m starting to move a bit faster too. despite to odd circumstances!


Hour 6: More green!

This was another car hour, but no hood down.  I’ve got about 3 inches of green done.  Another 3 to go before I start on the heel.  Sarah asked about the heel before,  it is a short row heel.  Here is the current progress.


The sock feels a little big, so I think I might use some scrap yarn to remove it from the needles and try it on.  But there you go: A whole week’s progress in one post.  And six hours to show for it!  Thanks for tagging along so far!

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    • Thanks Sarah! Wait till you see this weeks progress. I haven’t spent as much time, but it’s really starting to come together!

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