Tutorial: Judy’s Magic Cast on for back loop knitting

Tutorial: Judy’s Magic Cast on for back loop knitting

Judy’s Magic Cast on is pretty much magic.  It allows toe-up sock knitting without a seam at the toe.  You can find a good tutorial of her method on Knitty here.  The first time I did it I did get an ugly seam, but I quickly realized that’s because I knit from the back loop as a habit.  So, I did some trial and error and figured out how to knit the cast on so that it wasn’t an issue for me.  Curious about knitting and purling from the back loop?  Check out my knitting tutorial about those techniques!  I also have a tutorial about knitting short rows.

1.  With your needles in your left hand and the points facing to the right, loop your yarn over one of your needles with a long tail.


2.  Twist the yarn so that your tail goes to the top and your working end goes to the bottom.


3.  Place your second needle below the first and pull the tail down, over the bottom, and under the top.  Your tail is still up and your working yarn down.

IMG_5830    IMG_5831

4.  Pull the working yarn up, over the top, and under the bottom needle.  The working yarn is pulled downwards.


5.  Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have cast all your stitches on.


6.  Knit the top row through the back of the loop using either double pointed needles, two small circular needles, or one large circular needle with the magic loop technique.


7.  When you get to the bottom row, knit through the front of the loop for this row only.  Since the magic cast on technique creates a twist in the lower row of stitches, this will correct that twist.


8.  Continue knitting through the back stitch or following whatever pattern you are while knitting and purling through the back stitch.  Check out your lovely hidden cast on seam!


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