Tutorial: Knitting and Purling from the back

Tutorial: Knitting and Purling from the back

Today I thought I would do something a bit different for my tutorial.  Instead of doing a single tutorial that follows a craft from front to end, I thought I would share with you how I knit and how I’ve adapted some knitting techniques to fit my style.  Knitting and purling through the back is a valid technique, but from what I can tell it is usually used to create a design instead of as a main technique.   I also hold the yarn ball in my right hand, I hope that’s not too weird.   These posts are in part for my own reference as well.  There are plenty of really good video tutorials, but I have a harder time finding photo tutorials.   I like photo tutorials better because I don’t feel like I’m trying to keep up with the video tutorial.  Check out today’s posts on Judy’s Magic Cast on for back loop knitting and Knitting Short rows as well!  I’ve used some larger needles and a lighter thread, so hopefully you can see it ok.

Kitting the back loop

1.  Make sure your working thread is to the back of the needle.


2.Push the right needle through the back part of the loop.

IMG_5850 IMG_5851

3.  Loop the thread over the front of the right hand needle and then back to the right.


4.  Pull the right needle through the loop on the left needle and to the front without dropping the loop on the right.


5.  Drop the loop off of the left needle.


Purling through the back loop

1.  With the working yarn in the front of the work, use the right needle to pull the back part of the left loop forward.


2.  Loop the working yarn over the top of the right needle and then pull it back to the right.


3.  Pull the right needle back through the loop on the left needle.


4.  Drop the loop off of the left hand needle.


There you go, knitting and purling through the back loop.  I’m also adding Judy’s Magic Cast on and short rows for knitting through the back loop.  I may end up adding more of these, but I’ll try not to take up a Monday tutorial unless I have several.


P.S.  Sorry for the lack of Craftermath this week.  Knitting needles and yarn don’t leave much behind, especially when I was only doing such short tutorials.  This is the closest I could come, though to be honest I didn’t try too hard.  No need to make a mess just for a picture!


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