Tutorial: Knitting short rows

Tutorial: Knitting short rows

While this is part of a series of posts for knitting through the back loop, it isn’t really effected by back loop knitting.  It was, however, very confusing for me to figure out.  This is due, for the most part, with my unfamiliarity with knitting terminology.  I used Pearl Hunter’s YouTube video for short row heels to help me out.  I highly recommend going there if videos are your thing.  Me, I need step by step photos, so I’m creating my own.  And of course there is the added benefit that by writing this tutorial I need to understand it better myself.  Also check out my tutorial for Judy’s Magic Cast on for back loop knitting.

Knitting Short Rows: Adding Wraps

1.  Knit to the end of the row, leaving one stitch on the left hand needle. (Of all things, this confused me more than anything else.   I didn’t realize I needed to leave a stitch there!)


2.  Pull the working yarn from the back to the front.


3.  Slip the loop on the left needle to the right needle.


4.  Move the working yarn to the back.


5.  Slip the loop back onto the left hand needle.


6.  Turn the work so that the right hand needle is now the left hand needle.  Purl until there is one loop left on the left needle.  Bring the yarn to the back, slip the loop from the left to the right, bring the yarn to the front, slip the loop back onto the left needle, and turn the work. (This is almost exactly the same as before but for the direction the yarn is being pulled).

7.  Continue this pattern, knitting or purling until you reach the last unwrapped stitch and wrap and turn using the method above.  To keep track of how many wrapped stitches you have, I use a marker that I move to separate all the wrapped from unwrapped stitches.

Knitting Short Rows: Working Wraps Back In

Eventually, you will want to expand the number of loops you are using and add the wrapped stitches back in.  For socks, it appears that you continue wrapping until your row is in thirds (1/3 wrapped, 1/3 center unwrapped, 1/3 wrapped).  To work the wraps back in so that you are once again using the entire row, use the following steps.

1.  Knit until you reach the first wrapped stitch.


2.  Pick up the back of the wrap stitch with your right hand needle.

IMG_5877 IMG_5878

3.  Slip that stitch onto the left hand needle.


4.  Knit the stitch you just place and the stitch just behind it together (the one that the wrap was around).

IMG_5880 IMG_5882

5.  Turn the work.  Notice that your working thread is on the left hand needle.  This will not do, we need it on the right, so slip the first stitch onto the right hand needle.

IMG_5884 IMG_5885

6.  Purl till you reach the first wrapped stitch, pick up the wrap and slip it onto the left needle, purl together, flip the work, and slip the first stitch to the right.  Continue in this manner until all your stitches are being worked again or unless otherwise directed by your pattern.

Are there any knitting techniques that have stumped you?  Or any tricks you could offer?  Let me know in the comments!

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