The Knitting Hour: Dumbledore Socks Hours 15-19

The Knitting Hour: Dumbledore Socks Hours 15-19

I finished my first sock!  And I did it when I hoped I would.  If you remember, two weeks ago I said it would be nice if I could finish it in the next two weeks, and I did!  Here’s the rest of the sock:

Hour 15: Letter Boxes



I decided pretty quickly that I was happy with the length and switched to working on the letter boxes.  It took me a bit to get the centered the way I wanted, but once I did I was off and knitting.

Hour 16: Finishing the Letter Boxes



Not much interesting here to say.  The letter boxes went faster though, since most of it was knitting.  The knit-purl switch off is something that my fingers still haven’t gotten used to.  I’m not sure they ever really will.

Hour 17: The Cuff



Interestingly, the rib pattern didn’t bother me too much.  The title here is a bit of a misnomer.  I did start my rib and then have to completely pull it out.  I forgot that when working in the round, you don’t need to switch from knit-purl to purl-knit.  Oops.  That mistake cost me an hour.

Hour 18: Binding Off



A little more cuff, the bind off, and the first of the letters.  I embroidered them in from right to left.  I’m not sure why, but it made more sense for me to do it that way.

Hour 19: Stitching the letters in

DumbldoreSocks_Hour19a_kgdcraftermath DumbldoreSocks_Hour19b_kgdcraftermath


Look, it’s a finished sock!  I only have one sock, so this project is really only half way done.  Not counting lost hours, it took 19 hours.  The final length ended up being maybe about crew length?  My sizes last time were off since I was just measuring against my leg without putting it on.  Overall, I’m happy with the length though.  I know that I need to cast the other sock on soon, but I won’t be posting too much about it here.  My plan is to cast the sock on and then start interspersing another craft.  Anyone interested in quilts?  I have one that I really need to finish by Christmas, so that will be my next set of posts.  I’ll try to switch around weekly as well.  I have some other knitting projects and a few smaller projects that may or may not merit a tutorial.

All that said, here’s what to expect for my Wednesday crafting hour.  The posts will be interspersed with different projects which include a pair of knit gloves, a quilt, and some miniature painting.  Since the semester is started up, you might get some metal working in there too.  That’s all for today, I’ll see you again on Friday if not sooner!

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