Web Inspiration: Knitting Patterns

Web Inspiration: Knitting Patterns

Since I’ve finished my first sock, my mind has wandered off to other potential knitting projects.  I have quite a few lined up from the Harry Pottery Knits, including another pair of socks, 3 gloves, and a sweater vest.  But there are all sorts of cool knitting projects out there waiting.  I haven’t yet committed the cardinal sin of casting something other than my second sock on yet.  I may have to though, as my maroon yarn ball is missing.  I blame either the dog or the cat for that.  Definitely not my fault I’m missing yarn though.  Nope, not at all….

Anyways… I present to you some pretty awesome knitting patterns.  Some of them were introduced to me by my friend Sam, so thanks to her for that!

Amigurumi Airship

by Needle Noodles


Squee!  This is so cute.  Needle Noodles has a whole bunch of cute patterns like this.  Some of her patterns are knitting patterns and some are crochet patterns.  Most of her patterns are right around $4, but you can also buy some of them in groups.  She also offers a number of them for free, including a really cute yeti.  I may have to try to learn to crochet again so I can make an airship and a balloon and even some vikings in a ship!

Baby’s First DNA

by Kimberly Chapman


Ok, so this is really really cute.  I know some people who have young children, so maybe if I ever have the time to make something just because I’ll make them one.  Plus, most all of the people I know would really get excited about the whole science toy for kids thing.  I wonder if I could modify it slightly and make the whole A-T C-G more integral to the pattern.  Hmmm….

DNA Scarf 

by June Oshiro


Maybe your science nerd friend is like me and doesn’t have any kids, but you still want to knit up some DNA for them.  If so, try this pretty awesome DNA scarf.  Sam, my friend, has knitted two!  They are so popular that several of our friends have requested she make them one.  Go Sam!  Go DNA! Go Knitting!  And since September is upon us, it might not be much longer until a scarf is needed here in MN.  At least it’s still nice and warm right now!

Dr. Who Afghan



Absolutely Gorgeous.  Words cannot express how awed I am by this afghan.  I haven’t made an afghan yet, but I can’t even imagine how much hard work went into both making the pattern and knitting the afghan.  Maybe on day I’ll be good enough to even attempt this, but I’m not there yet.  That’s ok, it’s something to aspire to!

Composition Book E-reader cover 

by Janet Brani


This felted I-pad cover is just perfect for back to school.  And it has so many nostalgic memories for many of us.  Do they still use composition books in school?  I hope so.  A friend of mine has school aged children who are loaned I-pads from the school.  I hope they still do things like take hand written notes.  Using multiple senses is always good for solidifying what you learn! (So says the college TA).

I hope you’ve enjoyed these projects!  If you’re interested in seeing more, head over to my pinterest knitting board!  As always, I’ll continue to add to that board as I find more things that inspire me.

P.S.  I’ve decided that I like the format of having 5 projects featured here and then linking back to my pinterest board at the end of the post.  This way the post isn’t too long, but you can still go see more.  5 seems like a good number.  Plus, it leaves me room to go back and feature new things another week.  What, you thought this would be the last knitting inspiration?  Plenty more to come, but don’t worry, there will be other stuff in between.  I don’t want this blog to only be about knitting!

I’ll see you Monday with a sewing tutorial!

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