Web Inspiration: Roundups

Web Inspiration: Roundups

A roundup of roundups!  Who would have thunk?  For this week, I decided to let you see a bit of the insanity in my mind.  When I’m looking for inspiration, I often find my way to other roundups.  I’ve only recently started using pinterest (around the time I started this blog), but have found that I prefer to link directly to the posts that I find inspiring.  However, when I’m browsing pinterest I also find roundups that will show me lots of cool stuff.  Some of it I really like, others not so much.  I don’t always have time to look at those roundups when I’m browsing though, so I’ve started a board of roundups.

For today, I thought I would share my top five roundup posts that I’ve come across.  These are posts that have more content than not that I actually like and don’t feel bloated with repeats of similar projects, or big just to be big.  So, in no particular order, here are five of my favorite roundup posts!

60 Awesome Geek Crafts: Craft Tuts+



There is  just so much here that makes me go squee!  Pacman, Star Wars, Star Trek, Buffy, Firefly, Mario, Dr. Who…. the list really does go on.  Some of these items are linked to sale pages, others to tutorials.  Either way, there is some really great inspiration on this page!

20 DIY Chalboard Projects: The Thinking Closet



Does it surprise you that Lauren from The Thinking Closet comes up with great round ups as well as great posts?  It shouldn’t!  There’s a reason I like her blog so much!  It seems as if chalk board paint has been all the rage recently, and Lauren’s brought together some mighty fine projects.  There are mugs, coasters, gift wrap, and so much more.  I think my favorite is the wine glass bases with chalk paint on them.  Such a great idea!  And it’s so much easier to remember your name than whatever charm you happened to pick up as you came in the door!

50 Sweet and Savory Pies: A Night Owl


Pies!  Lots and lots of pies!  Chicken, cottage, zucchini, potato!  And if you’re done with dinner, how about a nutella pie for desert?  More of an apple person?  You’ll find that here too!  There are so many recipes here I need to try, cause I sure love me some pie.  She also has a round up of Sangria.  I wonder what I’m going to do for dinner tonight?  You can bet it will be pie and sangria!

39 DIY Gifts You’d Actually Want to Receive: BuzzFeed


This is a really nice list of hand made gifts that are a little out of the box.  I counted, and there are 25 that I, personally, would like.  The other ones just aren’t my style, like the child’s hoodie towel.  But there are some nice decorative candles, a clock, some interesting jewelry, and a few fabric projects I wouldn’t mind receiving.  Psst… friends and family… you might be getting something from this list.  Or you might not.  Only time will tell.  If you are looking for an edible gift, check out their list of best DIY food gifts, it’s also a pretty decent list.

25 Handmade Gifts under $5: The 36th Avenue


If you have a bunch of people to gift, then handmade is not a bad way to go.  While the previous list focuses on individuals, the gifts in this list are better for bulk giving, but don’t necessitate it.  The sugar cubes above are super cute, easy to do, and almost negligible in price.  You do have sugar in your pantry, right?  You might even have a silicone mold, but if you don’t you can use it again and again afterwards.  She also has some jewelry, home goods, and other nick-nacks in this round up.  I love the idea of pulling together these crafts that are all under $5.  What a great idea!

I hope you enjoyed the round ups I shared here today.  Don’t forget to check out my pinterest board for more round up inspiration!


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5 Responses to Web Inspiration: Roundups

  1. Aw, shucks, girl! Thanks for featuring my chalkboard project round-up and for the super sweet words! I haven’t done a round-up in a while…might be about time to do another one!

    And I love a round-up of round-ups! Such a clever idea. Off to check out some of these other features. I’m especially curious about the DIY Gifts You’d Actually Want to Receive….hmmmm….

    • Anytime Lauren! I love roundups, especially ones that are thoughtfully curated. Often I find ones that have hundreds of projects, but most of them are repeats or cop outs. That doesn’t mean a good list has to be short though! I try to do one once a week to make sure I don’t end up in my own little craft bubble – that can be dangerous!

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