A Brief Hiatus

A Brief Hiatus

We’ve been here before, haven’t we?  Where I tell you why I won’t be posting for a few days?  I wish I could avoid it, I really do, but it is unavoidable.

Those of you who’ve ready my ‘About’ page will recall that I am a grad student, which pretty much defines my life.  One of the things that comes with that is grant applications.  And we are currently in the midst of grant season.  I am working on a grant that’s due Nov 1.  This will be my second all-nighter this week (ugh).

With that in mind, I must suspend my activities here.  I will try hard to get something up this weekend, but cannot promise much.  At the very latest, I will return on Monday 11/4.  Until then, stay inspired!

Also, I leave you with this awesome picture of molten bronze as penance.


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2 Responses to A Brief Hiatus

  1. Girl don’t apologize, there’s always gotta be room for YOU! All-nighters and then a blog post, you must be SUPERWOMAN!

    Best wishes with your grant applications! Hope they work in your favor.

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