The Knitting Hour: Fixing a Knit Cardigan

The Knitting Hour: Fixing a Knit Cardigan

See the title up there?  I’m knitting again!  Awww yeah….  I’ve mostly forgotten that I tried to destroy two of my fingers, except, of course, when I look at the one.  Or either decides the motion I just did was not acceptable.  But I can knit again!  My hands aren’t used to the motion quite yet, but I started off with a small project.  A good friend of mine had a run in her favorite cardigan and asked me to fix it.  My original plan was to knit up a patch and envelope all the loose ends in.  However, another friend of mine convinced me to do it the right way.  It took some convincing, since the right way meant using a crochet hook, and I don’t like crochet.   The whole thing took me an hour and a half to fix, and here’s how I did it! (Sorry that some of the photos are a little blurry…)

Hour 1: Fixing the bottom run

Here’s the cardigan as it was given to me.  I have already picked up the bottom most dropped stitches in this picture and placed them on a cable needle.


For each stitch I did the following;   Remove a loop from the holder.   Push your crochet hook through.  Grab the loose yarn closest to the loop.  Pull the yarn through with your hook to create a new loop.

cardigan_kgdecraftermath_knit1 cardigan_kgdecraftermath_knit2

I went left to right across each row and up the run.  This took about an hour and was the longest part of the fix.


Hour 1.25: Fixing the upper run. There was also a bit of a run on the upper pattern.  I fixed it the same way as above, but it took less time since there was significantly less run.  I did have to use a smaller hook though, and it would have come out better if I had had an even smaller hook.


Hour 1.5:  Binding it all up I purchased a skein of yarn that was almost the same color as the original cardigan.  I stitched it through all the stitches that were on the holders.  I also ran it through some of the other stitches, made sure to bind up the loose ends of the cardigan, and tied it off at the end.

cardigan_kgdecraftermath_finished1 cardigan_kgdecraftermath_finished2

Hopefully this will hold for her longer!  You can still see where the run was.  I’m not sure if there is anything to be done about that.  You might be able to block it back into place, but I didn’t think to try that until afterwards.  Thanks to Sam for convincing me to fix it properly! So there you go : 1.5  hours to fix a run in a cardigan.  Definitely worth it if the cardigan is like a best friend!

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