The Painting Hour: Pathfinder Goblins Hours 1-7

The Painting Hour: Pathfinder Goblins Hours 1-7

Sorry this wasn’t posted yesterday.  Normally I would post a finished Friday, but my finished project posted on Monday with the Silhouette Challenge folk.  So instead, here’s some crafting hour your way.

This week I’m showing you some of the painting work I’m doing.  Right now I’m working on painting up all my Pathfinder goblins from Reaper’s first kickstarter.  If you want to get your own, they are sold in two packs: goblin warriors and goblin pyros.  I also have the goblin warchanter who is sold on her own.In total I have 18.  I decided to paint up one of them first to get the color scheme down and them paint the rest in bulk.  So, here’s the progress I’ve made!  These are in blocks, since it’s just easier to take a picture each time one of the steps is done.  All of the paints are Reaper MSP paints.

All the miniatures are bones miniatures, so they start out as a slightly translucent white plastic.  To prep the bones, I boiled them in a pot of water for about 10 min.  This allows the bones to set back to their original shape if they warped and helps to clean off any residues.

Hour 1-2: Painting the first Goblin

The first guy took me about 2 hours to paint up.  I’ll probably add some more details to him later, but it gives me a basic paint scheme to go with.  Here’s how he came out:

goblin_kgdcraftermath_finished1 goblin_kgdcraftermath_finished2

Hour 3: Painting the base

The base here is a simple Intense Brown.  I’ll wash it later with a Flesh Wash to make it appear more muddy.


Hour 4: Laying down the Green

First coat is adding the skin.  One of the nice things about bones is that you don’t have to prime them.  Sometimes I put down a grey coat first, but decided not to here.  The green looks really bright, but it will get some darker washes later to tone it down.  The base green is Jade Green.


Hour 5-6: Adding in the cloth

Next I added the cloth color.  Again, the wash later will darken it a bit.  I had to do some touch-ups on the green when I was done with this coat.  Here I used Terrain Khaki to get a bit of a dirtied look to the linens.


Hour 7: Painting the leather bits

Finally, I went through and painted all the leather bits.  I used Lonestar Leather for the paint color here.


That’s where I’m at for now.  I’m looking forward to moving forward.  Right now I’m still adding base colors, but there will be some washes in there later.  I’m not going for as nice a mini as the last one I painted, so I won’t be focusing so much on tiny details.  After all the base coats are down, I’ll wash the whole thing with a dark brown and then begin to highlight with selective color dry brushing.  Finally, there are a few details that I’ll add (eye color, stitches on the leather, and maybe yellow the claws).

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