Web Inspiration: Cozy Knit Tops

Web Inspiration: Cozy Knit Tops

Hi!  I have a brief moment this morning, so I thought I would pop in with some web inspiration.  With any luck, I’ve got a project in the works that I might be able to get up for this weeks finished Friday.

Since the weather is turning cold, I thought I’d round up some cardigan and sweater patterns.  Please note that several of these are Ravelry patterns.  In order to see those patterns, you will need to make a free account there.

Ophelia’s Willow: Owlish’s notebook, adapted from Verdaia by Jodie St. Clair.


I know that not everyone lives up in the cold north.  So, I figured I’d start with a nice light weight shawl.  I really like the simple pattern on this shawl.  The pointed ends also make it almost reminiscent of a spider web to me.

Ahni: Julia Trice


Ooohhh!  Pretty spiral patterns.  That was the thought that first went through my head when I saw this one.  If/when I make this sweater, I probably won’t do so much on the cuff, especially at the bottom of the sweater itself.  Maybe for the sleeves though.  I really love the overall look of this one though.

Freija: Mari Muinonen / tikru (image from Dayana’s notebook)


Ok, I admit it, I like things that are just a bit out of the ordinary.  Like this gorgeous cable knit sweater.  Who knew that cable knitting could have such personality to it?  I love the color it is in here as well.  One day, my precious, one day…

Wild Thing!: Splendor


When I saw this pattern, how could I not add it here!  It’s just so awfully fun!  What a better way to refuse to grow up than to dress up as one of the wild things.

Magnum Reversible Vest/Wrap: Karenclements


Ok, now we’re talking cold weather gear.  Well, almost.  There aren’t any sleeves on this!  It shouldn’t bee too hard to add them though.  She also has a downright stunning pattern for a honeycomb sweater as well.  I have a feeling that once my socks and mittens are done, these two projects will be up next.  Oh, how I like to wrap myself up in blankets and call them clothes.  🙂

There you are!  Five knitting projects to keep yourself warm as the weather cools down.  To see more, don’t forget to stop by my pinterest knitting board where you will find more warm wraps, a few summertime ones, and plenty of other knitting projects!  I hope to see you all again on Friday, but if not then I’ll certainly be back to regular posting schedule by Monday.  Thanks for reading!

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