Web Inspiration: In A Jar!

Web Inspiration: In A Jar!

I really like mason jars.  You could probably say I love them.  They are like mugs, in that you probably have too many of them.  But, they’re better than mugs because you can do all sorts of things with them!  You can, of course, use them for canning and storage of all sorts.  Tell me, can you can or store food with your mugs?  Probably not.  Earl uses a mason jar to bring his beverage to work and pops on a cuppow top.  I used to, but it doesn’t really fit in my lunch pack very well. And since I mostly work from home right now, I can just use a regular glass.  There are even tops that allow you to use your mason jar as a cocktail mixer! Now that would make for a fun in a jar gift!

It’s not surprising, then, that I would find myself attracted to gifts in mason jars.  I know Christmas isn’t really here yet, but I like to plan early so I have time to make any gifts that need making.  So this week’s web inspiration is a collection of mason jar gifts.  I hope you enjoy!

Flower Bulb Gifts by Homework

I know it’s fall, but here, have a bit of spring.  This bulb jar is a really cute gift idea.  Since I’ve (kind of) started gardening this year, it made me smile a bit.  It’s super simple to do as well.  I imagine that you would want to keep your lid off for this gift though.

Chalkboard Mason Jar Candles by heart. love. weddings.


The suggested use for these gorgeous candles is as a centerpiece, but I think they would be cute just about anywhere.  You could even fill the jar all the way up with wax and make it a much larger candle that burns down.  She uses a baby food jar for the little one, but a 5 oz mason jar would probably be just as cute.  It’s amazing what you can do with a bit of chalkboard paint!

Housewarming Gift by Southern State of Mind


Once upon a time my mother told me that I was good at giving useful gifts.  In particular, I gave good gifts for people who were changing something about their life (first apartment, college, etc.), and that my gifts often provided things they wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.  I didn’t put that very well, but the point is that I remembered that.  And now I feel the need to live up to that expectation.  This jar of little home goodies would definitely fit the bill.  The small gifts that Heather put in have just the right amount of thought and usefulness to them.  Plus, it would probably make my mom laugh that I just wrote that.  Moving on..

{Everything} In A Jar by The Gunny Sack

I think this blog post is my favorite of the bunch.  In addition to the three pictured here, Tonia offers suggestions for other themed jars.  She also has a few date’s in a jar, and I particularly like her ice skating date in a jar.  The {Everything} in a Jar is my overall favorite though because of how she managed to keep all her jars color coded.  It’s really quite stunning visually.

No-Knead Multigrain Bread (In A Jar!} by Our Best Bites

Of course, for in a jar, I must include some sort of food!  I chose this bread recipe because it’s a bit of a deviation from the myriad of sweet recipes that you find.  Of course, there isn’t anything wrong with brownies, cookies, hot chocolate, or other sweet goodies in a jar!  I just liked the idea of a savory bread.

For more gifts in jars, feel free to check out my pinterest gift ideas board where you’ll find these along with several others, including sweets in a jar.  There are also non jar gift ideas there as well to peruse!

What type of ‘in a jar’ gifts do you like receiving?  Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you again on Friday!


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    • Thank you for sharing it with the world in the first place! The method is so simple, you could use all sorts of shapes instead of a heart. Simple crafts are sometimes the best. 🙂

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