The Knitting Hour: O.W.L. Mitts Hours 6.5-20.5

The Knitting Hour: O.W.L. Mitts Hours 6.5-20.5

Hi!  Sorry about yesterday, I ended up being super busy!  Today’s post is a semi-finished Saturday.  What does that mean?  Well, it means I was going to do a purely hourly post, as Monday’s post is a finished project with instructions, but I finished one of my mittens!  And since you really need two mittens, the project is only semi finished.  I had to put the mittens down for a bit while my finger healed up and I was grant writing, so I was really raring to get some decent work done on these.  I ended up charging through most of it in the past week and a half. There are mostly just pictures here, as there wasn’t too much new.  I did learn that what I’m doing is called “Fair Isle Knitting” though!  I’m so excited to Sarah on Monday and have her try her mitten on!

Hour 6.5: Repario

I actually timed this hour, and each row of words does indeed take me about an hour and a half, so my estimations from before are indeed correct.

OWL_kgdcraftermath_hour6a OWL_kgdcraftermath_hour6b

Hour 8: Iarmus

Well, no photos here.  I had thought I took photos each step of the way, but I must of missed this row.  Does the fact I don’t have photo documentation of this row mean it never happened?  I hope not!  But wait look ahead, another row (and another photo)!  This is also the spot where the thumb was separated off and held on a string for later finishing.

Hour 9.5: Quietus

*Phew*!  It looks like iarmus did indeed make it into the mittens.  I was worried for a moment there (not really).  🙂  Oh!  It’s my favorite part of the documentation: the part where the photos switch from wide to tall!  Squee!  Progress is made!

OWL_kgdcraftermath_hour9a OWL_kgdcraftermath_hour9b

Hour 11: Flipendo

OWL_kgdcraftermath_hour10a OWL_kgdcraftermath_hour10b

 Hour 12.5: Fumos

Eh, these pictures are a little dark here.  Stupid rainy, cloudy days.  Or was that the day it snowed?  I can’t quite remember.

OWL_kgdcraftermath_hour11a OWL_kgdcraftermath_hour11b

Hour 14: Protego

OWL_kgdcraftermath_hour12a OWL_kgdcraftermath_hour12b

 Hour 15.5: Leviosa

This row is when the decreasing began.  I screwed that up a little bit.  I knit two together for each decrease, where I should have used a different decrease on one of the sides.  I’m relatively confident that it will be ok with Sarah… I hope…  She’s pretty cool though, and I’m sure she will be happy all the same.  Right?  Sarah!  Forgive me!

OWL_kgdcraftermath_hour13a OWL_kgdcraftermath_hour13b

 Hour 17: Wand

More decreasing here.

OWL_kgdcraftermath_hour14a OWL_kgdcraftermath_hour14b

Hour 18.5: Finishing up the top.

This consisted of these last few rows and stitching the top rows together.

OWL_kgdcraftermath_hour15a OWL_kgdcraftermath_hour15b

 Hour 20.5: Finishing the first mitten!

Next up was stitching the thumb up and tucking in all my loose threads.  It took me about 2 hours to do this, as you can see in the hourly title.  I am so happy it’s done!  And, I’m seeing Sarah soon!  *Happy dance*!  There is nothing better than showing a friend progress on a project you are working on for them.  Oh, right, you want to see pictures!

OWL_kgdcraftermath_hour16b OWL_kgdcraftermath_hour16a

Now, I have to hurry and finish up the other one!  We’ve already had our first snow and they are forecasting for more next week (maybe).  I promised them to Sarah for Christmas, but I’d love to have them done sooner.  If I can do a row a night, then I should have them done by Thanksgiving!

Thanks for checking it out, and don’t forget to join me on Monday.  It will be my second Silhouette challenge.  I’ll have a craftermath photo for you again as well!  And on the note of messes, Laura over at The Experimental Home has a running series called The Monday Mess movement.  I’ll be doing a guest post there in December (my first!).  I love it!  We get to revel in our own messiness and show everyone that no, our homes are not perfect.  Though, by the title of my blog you could probably guess that I’m constantly apologizing for my craft mess *blush*.  Go check out all the lovely messes there, and some of the really cool projects she does!

Off to craft I go, see you all again on Monday at 9AM central sharp!  Well, for me at least, you all can come by any time after then.  🙂


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  1. Thanks for the shout-out Kristy! By the way, I am so impressed with your mittens. I can’t knit, but I would love to learn how someday. But even if I could, i can’t imagine how closely you have to pay attention to put all the stitches in the right place. So cool. And, well, I love Harry Potter… so there you go!

    • I’m happy to link to you! The Monday Mess Movement is such a wonderful idea!

      And thanks. 🙂 I’ve been knitting for a while, but I’m really still just learning, and I’m all self taught. Keeping the stitches in order gets easier the more you do. I found with the mittens that as I kept knitting, I kind of “knew” what felt right for the letters without even looking at the pattern. I still looked though!

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