Web Inspiration: Ornaments!

Web Inspiration: Ornaments!

Remember on  Monday when I said Earl and I were thinking of adding handmade ornaments to our Christmas traditions?  Well, I think I have him on board now.  Part of that required convincing him that they could look good, since he was worried that they wouldn’t be up to the same standards as our Christmas cards are.  He likes things that look hand made, but not home made.  It’s really an issue of quality more than anything else.  To convince him, I put together a pinterest board of ornaments to illustrate that there are some pretty cool ornaments you could make.  For now, I’m focusing on globe ornaments, but there are so many other cool directions we could go!  Here are five of my favorites that we found!

Christmas Ornament by Downtime. Upcycle

photo (1)

Normally I don’t choose favorites, but this is definitely my favorite of the bunch!  I love the mix of green plus the berries.  The snow like material and the words at the bottom add an extra fun touch to the ornament.  While it didn’t make the final cut for this year (you’ll have to wait for December to find out what did), I’m hoping that we can do something inspired by this ornament some future year.

Terrarium Place Holder by Wednesday Custom Design


Earl really likes the terrarium look, so even though this isn’t technically an ornament, it made our list.  The look is rather elegant, and could be converted to a globe ornament without too much trouble.  I think it would also look good with a red flower and maybe some white berries. Or switch the colors around a bit?  Any which way, it’s very elegant.

Alcohol Inked Ornaments by Lisa’s Craft blog


Pretty pretty blue!  I really like the aged look of these ornaments.  There were a few faux mercury ornaments which had a similar effect.  I chose this one for the blue though, it’s so pretty!

Rosemary Filled Ornaments by The Cheese Thief


Here we are again with foliage!  Rosemary looks almost like little Christmas tree branches in the bulb!  I really like this idea, and might try to grow some extra rosemary one year and dry some up for this purpose.

Mario Chomp Chain Ornament by Nerd Freakin Tastic


I love this ornament!  It’s so much fun and adds a bit of geeky flair to the tree.  Plus, it makes you smile, and anything that makes you smile is a good thing.

Well, there you have it.  Five ornaments that helped me convince Earl that we can make nice looking hand made ornaments.  Now we just need to figure out how to date them!  To see the rest, head over to my pinterest ornament board.  I hope your week is going well, and I’ll see you all again soon for Finished Friday!




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