Web Inspiration: Paper Crafts

Web Inspiration: Paper Crafts

Hi all!  I hope you are enjoying the gear up for Thanksgiving.  Mostly I’ve been trying to figure out some of my Christmas crafts and picking out new recipes to try.  You can imagine how making Christmas presents puts a cramp in my ability to blog about them!  I’m sure I can scare up something else for this week, and if not I’ve got another Photoshop Magic post in the works.  In the meantime, I’ve seen some pretty awesome paper crafts lately that I wanted to share with you.  Fair warning, there’s a bit of geekery here because it makes me smile!  It’s my blog, so that’s ok, right?  Right!  Here goes!

Desktop Gremlins by David Landis


These things are AWESOME!  The point of them is that you can print them, cut them with just scissors, and then you’re done!  Woo hoo!  Currently he has 8 projects available as free .pdf downloads (9 if you sign up for his email subscription).  He also has a book with tear out pages you can purchase here.  And what’s even better is that he’s currently running a kickstarter to make coloring books of these for kids (ends Dec 11, 2013) – which is just amazing!  So there you go, three different ways to get yourself some fun print and cut paper sculptures, and maybe even support  a good project.  (I’m not affiliated with him at all, I just love what he’s doing).  I particularly love the way he works with schools to get children involved with creating things.

Mini PaperCraft by Gus Santome


Thor just came out a few weeks ago, so how about some Avengers papercraft?  The work that Gus does is pretty amazing, and he manages to hit a number of different pop culture references including somewhat less mainstream fandoms like Heman along with some big name stuff, like Disney.  I suggest taking a look around if you’re interested in these types of projects.  They’re pretty fun!

Nerdflakes by Tanner Ringerud on Buzzfeed



I hear what you’re thinking.  “Seriously Kristy, nerdflakes isn’t a work.”  Well, I think it should be.  And so does BuzzFeed.  So, there, now it is.  They have a template for the Starship Enterprise, the TARDIS, some Cybermen, a Boba/Clone template, Darth Vador, and a Cylon.  Pretty nifty if you ask me!

Teabag potpourri saches by Creative Weekend

theezakjes 007


Um, yeah, there was a bit of a switch there.  Sorry, I’m not good at segues sometimes!  I saw these and feel in love with them instantly.  The best thing about them (besides being shaped like tea bags and being made of book paper) is that you fill them with whatever you want.  Citrusy scents here I come!

DIY Mail Art by The Post Man’s Knock



I absolutely love these.  They’re so pretty!  True, you have to purchase the pattern, but that’s the great thing about inspiration… you can use it to create your own thing!  I do have to say, it’s too bad she doesn’t do a wintery pattern.  I would totally use it for our Christmas cards!

I hope you enjoyed these paper crafts!  Check out my pinterest Paper Craft board for more ideas, including some traditional snowflake patterns!

Have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow everyone!

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