Web Inspiration: Steampunk Decor

Web Inspiration: Steampunk Decor

I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for over 3 months now and I haven’t talked about anything steampunk!  Well, that there is going to change here and now.  You see, a few weekends ago my friend Sarah went off to Teslacon and was awesome enough to pick me up a souvenir since Earl and I couldn’t make it this year.  She came back with the lovelies!


I love them so much!  I want more of them, and everywhere!

What’s steampunk you ask?  Well, it’s many things.  In part, it utilizes late 19th century fashion and imagines what today would be like if fashions didn’t change and steam took off and powered everything.  A big part of the movement is craftsmanship and going back to the idea of making things that are durable and meant to last.  There is a lot of creativity and craftiness in the movement, and I love it!  Both earl and I have sewn our own outfits for conventions, and we’ve also made a few nick-nacks of our own for around the house.  In fact, I even made a steampunk computer for Earl as a wedding gift!  You can see the monitor and keyboard below.  The computer itself is housed in a modified steamer trunk.  Maybe one day I’ll showcase his computer for a finished Friday.


When I was trying to figure out what to do for my web inspiration this week, Earl just raised an eyebrow and said “Really?  Sarah just brought you those awesome cogs, why don’t you do something with steampunk?”  And a light bulb went on!  I could cheat and just gush about all the wonderful things Epbot has been doing, or send you over to the Steampunk Workshop, which is filled with tutorials, but I didn’t.   Finding these projects was hard!  I set myself up with the goal that I wanted to do things that are a little bit out out of the ordinary (so no goggles), were more geared towards home decor, came from different places, and had some sort of tutorial so you could make them yourself.  If you’re looking to add a little steamy inspiration into your house, steam on ahead!

Epbot: DIY Antiqued Mirror Wall Panels


Let’s say you have a bare spot on your wall and you want to add a bit of light to your room.  Mirrors come to mind, but even that is a little too bare for your tastes.  Never fear, Epbot is here!  For her gorgeous master bedroom makeover she made these (almost) floor to ceiling mirrors using cheap square mirrors, muriatic acid, and a few other goodies.  I want her bedroom.  Scrap that, I want her house!  Jen, will you come over and help me re-decorate?

Mad in Crafts: Anrtho-inspired Inventor’s Bell Jar Lamp


Now, you’ll need some decent light while you are working on your mirror, so why not use a bell jar lamp?  This is billed as anthropologie inspired, but we all know that it’s really steampunk inspired.  😉  I love that she used an edison bulb as well!

Steampunk Workshop: Light Switch Plates


Oh, you’re not into the whole edison bulb thing?  But you still want light?  Well, that’s ok.  You can put together one of these amazing gear plate covers!  He made so many different ones as well, including a light switch with little knobs to hold your keys up.  Yes please!

The Graphics Fairy: Steampunk Thumb Tacks


For something a little simpler and slightly more low key, how about making up some of these thumb tacks?  I see cork boards everywhere, so these would be a great little addition.  And if you don’t have a cork board, how about magnets?  I love the Graphics Fairy as she has such wonderful vintage images, any of which would be the perfect addition to your next steampunk paper craft!

ShutupLori (on Imgur): Pirate cooler chest


And of course you’ll be getting thirsty while working on these projects, right?  Not all of these are safe for indoors, so why not take your pirate cooler chest out with you so you’ve got a cold drink on hand?  Of course, I would probably change it up a bit to be a little less pirate-y, but that’s the best part about DIY – you can make whatever changes you want!

I hope you’ve found these little touches inspirational!  I don’t have a steampunk specific pin board, but you can check out my Home Decor, Jewelry, Fashion, and Cosplay boards for more ideas on how to integrate a little steam into your day.  Thanks for stopping by!


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