OWL Mitts: Hours 21.5 – 27

OWL Mitts: Hours 21.5 – 27

I had been planning on posting some mini painting photos for this crafting hour, but the inspiration struck to do some knitting (and, completely unrelated, my deadline for those is earlier than the painting).  I’m maybe a third of the way done with the second mitten.  Not too shabby considering everything else I’ve been doing!  Here, have some photos.

Hour 21.5: Cuff


Yup, just a bit of the cuff, nothing too interesting to see here folks.

Hour 22.5: More cuff

OWL_kgdcraftermath_hour-18 OWL_kgdcraftermath_hour-19

Finished up the cuff and added in the grey.

Hour 24: Expecto!


Weee!  Spells are coming together.  If you were to wear the two gloves (which I don’t recommend at this point, the second one would unravel pretty quickly), they would say Expecto Patronum!  For those who don’t know, this spell conjures your patronus, which protects you from the dementors (basically soul sucking monsters).

Hour 25.5: Avifors

OWL_kgdcraftermath_hour-22 OWL_kgdcraftermath_hour-21

And another word!  A single word spell this time.  Avifors turns things into birds.  Cool, huh?  On the other side of the mitt, the word Incendio sets things on fire.

Hour 27: Ferula

OWL_kgdcraftermath_hour-24 OWL_kgdcraftermath_hour-23

I know this one is hard to see right now, but it’s there.  There’s just so much yarn jammed onto those needles at the moment!  Just a few more rows until I can pull the thumb gusset off and have a bit more breathing room again.  Ferula is a pretty nifty spell that calls up a wooden rod.  On the other side, Repairo does exactly what you expect it to: repairs things!

Well, that’s it for now!  I hope you enjoyed this bit of the crafting hour.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get my tag up this weekend, and the ho-boy are you all in for an exciting post this Monday!  Be sure not to miss it!

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