Tag Swap

Tag Swap

Recently I participated in a tag swap with some of my silhouette friends, and it was a ton of fun!  We all made tags (some Christmas themed, and some not) and sent them into our wonderful coordinator (Kim) who then sent everyone a bunch of tags!  We each got 20 tags, so I thought I’d share the tags I got with you and show you how I made mine.  Then when you’re done, you should head over to Chicken Scratch NY where you can find a link up of some of our tags and more!

First, the loot!

tag haul

Look at all those fun tags in there!  We’ve got some bright ones, some traditional ones, even a luggage tag!  Glee!  A few of them are already earmarked for some friends and family.  And the luggage tag is really cute.  One one side it says “Hands off!  This is Nacho bag!”  And on the other it has the phrase “Thanks for not taking my bag.  It’s full of dirty laundry and maybe some beach sand anyway.”  I love it!

And what did I send in you ask?  Well, I made a nice layered tag that has trees!  And the aurora borealis hiding in the trees!  And printed canvas!  And crinkle ribbon!  But.. I didn’t make any for me, and I seem to have lost my studio file.  So.. I’ll need to re-make that and post a the tutorial this weekend.  Forgive me?  Here!  Have a look at the printed canvas!


And now, I’ll distract you by sending you over to Alecia’s tag hop at Chicken Scratch NY where you can link through to some tag tutorials!  I particularly suggest checking out Trisha’s post on Black and White Obsession, since she also posted pictured of her stash.  And if you take a close look, you can get a peek at my tag!  Now, dash away dash away dash away all, while I scramble to make a new tag for ya’ll!

Edit: My friend Dee of From Wine to Whine came through in a pinch and sent me a picture!  So, here you go, the front of the tags that I made.  🙂  You should still check out the other blogs though!

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    • Thanks Trish! I’m looking forward to using yours for Christmas travels, though sadly there is no chance of sand making it into my bags. Snow, maybe (who am I kidding … there will definitely be snow). The tutorial didn’t make it into this weekend, but hopefully I can find some time this week!

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