Web Inspiration: 30 Min or Less Craft Gifts

Web Inspiration: 30 Min or Less Craft Gifts

It’s that time of year again, when we’re all scrambling to get everything together for the holidays.  Well, at least I am.  I hope it’s not just me!  To help with that, I’ve gathered a round up of 12 projects that should take 30 mins or less (minus gathering your materials of course).  Some of these I’ve done myself, and others I haven’t, so your milege on time may vary.  I did try very hard to pick only projects that I thought were reasonably doable in half an hour though!  I’ve also grouped them by crafty type (kind of).  Read on, be inspired, and enjoy!

Painting / Drawing (but it’s easy stuff)

DIY Minion Shirt for Kids by Crazy Little Projects


Um, minion shirts?  Sign me up!  While the word ‘kids’ is in the title, there’s no reason you couldn’t make these for adults as well.  And who doesn’t need minions of their own?  You get two gifts in one: a t-shirt for your friend, and a minion for yourself.  Amber uses paint in her tutorial, but if you happen to have a silhouette, this would make a great heat transfer vinyl project!

Pin Babies by Good and Messy


I have to admit, I love the look of sharpie mugs.  With one exception, I wouldn’t use a sharpie.  You see, they tend to wash off (as the author notes in her edit).  If you have an art store near you, look for an enamel pen.  Those will last longer.  These mugs also fix another problem of mine: I can’t draw!  BUT!  Make dots around a sticker and then peel of the sticker?  Yeah, that I can do.  *brushes off shoulder*

DIY Chalkboard Serving Platter by Wit and Whistle


This is too cute, and super easy.  This would really make a great gift for any of your friends who host (or even if they just love cheese).  Brilliant!

DIY Painted Votive Holder by Ruffled



There are so many ways you could go with this.  Here, they use painters tape to mask off areas and paint geometric shapes.  You could also use enamel pens, or even sharpies here (no washing!) to create a variety of pretty and functional votive holders.




This, right here, my friends, is the easiest, quickest craft on my list today.  Right here is your jackpot for easy to make gifts.  Lauren’s geometric desings are just so well done, I don’t even know where to start.  Don’t like the cork look?  Pick up some tiles from your local hardware store and use those.  Seriously guys, you just can’t get any more bang for your buck in terms of time and cash output than these lovelies right here.


The Twenty Minute Tote by Molly’s Sketchbook


Warning: sewing tote bags is addictive.  I use a slightly different pattern, but I can’t stop sewing them!  Plus, it gives you an excuse to use all those prints at the fabric store that you want to use, but don’t have any projects in mind for.  Solution: tote bags!  Just make one for each of your friends.  Trust me, you’ll have a blast.

Knit Scarf by Make it and Love it


Don’t worry!  No knitting needed here.  Just a jersey knit and a sewing machine.  Simple, easy, and fast!

Earbud Hoodie by 30 Minute Crafts



Do you have any friends who listen to music?  Or, if they’re like me, listen to audiobooks?  Then this is the gift for you to make!  All it requires is adding a zipper to the inside of the hoodie and a few well placed holes.  Such a great idea!  Plus, Caronlina has a *whole site* dedicated to crafts that take less than 30 minutes!  I also suggestion you take a look at her 15 Minute No Knit Scarf and Stenciled Clock tutorials.


DIY Shadow Puppets by From Wine to Whine



Do you have a printer, some cardstock, and something to hold up your creations with (like a straw or dowel)?  Well then, you can make shadow puppets!  Dee used her silhouette to cut hers out (and I think I made way to many myself with the same method), but you can also print the shapes on cardstock and hand cut them.  Need somewhere to start?  Try these woodland creatures, these gnomes, or these mice.  Also check out dingbat fonts!  You can make the font size really large and use those!

Frayed Knot’s 15 min Coffee Sleeve! by Frayed Knot



This is a crochet pattern, but you easily convert it to a knitting pattern without much effort (in fact, someone in the comments tells you just how to do that).  Plus, just imagine how many of these you could make with a ball of yarn and a bag of buttons!  Perfect last minute gift for all those people you forgot.

DIY memorable moments keepsake ornament by Essentially Eclectic



Finally, if you’re really in the festive spirit, why not make an ornament?  Gabby has a wonderful take on the shredded wedding invite ornament.  Instead of shredding the ornament, she typed up a list of the memorable moments from the past year.  How sweet!

There you have it!  11 projects that should be doable in 30 minutes or less.  From my own projects, you could do the pearl ball necklace, terrarium ornament (sans etching), or the geometric fabric bowls in under 30 minutes.  Ok, no more procrastinating.  I have crafty gifts to finish!  (Psst…  check out my gifts Pinterest board for more ideas, though many of them might take a bit longer to make).


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    • I love that earbud hoodie! It’s such a simple thing to do, and perfect for teenagers (who are notoriously hard to buy for). Thanks for writing up the great tutorial!

    • Dee, I cannot tell you how many shadow puppets I’ve cut in the past day. All for one little girl too! I just couldn’t decide which shapes I liked best, so I cut them all. They’re so easy with the silhouette, I couldn’t convince myself not to!

  1. Eeep! Thanks for including my painted cork coasters in this mix. (You have some grrrreat quick n’ easy crafts in this bunch. And I was delighted to see my blog buddy’s Gabby’s ornament included! The blog world starts to feel smaller and smaller after a while, doesn’t it?) Merry Christmas, Kristy! Traveling mercies.
    Lauren @ The Thinking Closet recently posted…Gold-Brushed Pine Cone Ornaments with #myfavoritebloggersMy Profile

    • No problem Lauren! I really liked your take on them, it really is such a great bang for your buck! And Gabby’s ornament was really something, I love that she took an idea and spun it to suite her needs! You did turn me on to her when she guest post on your blog! (Too many exclamation points!) Merry Christmas to you too!

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