Web Inspiration: Cocoa recipes… Yum!

Web Inspiration: Cocoa recipes… Yum!

It was snowing last night.  And it’s been drizzling all day.  And they’re calling for 6-9 inches of snow between tonight and Thursday morning.  So, I needed a pick-me-up.  What better than some hot cocoa recipes to try!  I headed over to pinterest and collected some of the yummiest looking ones.  Here are five of my favorites (and an option for those who just can’t decide)!  I wonder which one I’ll try tonight?

Spicy Hot Chocolate with Baileys, Cardamom & Cinnamon: M.ade b.y M.ary


The blog is in Sweedish, but Google translate saved the day!  Which is great, because this recipe sounds AMAZING!  I frequently add a bit of Bailey’s to my hot chocolate, but cardamom?  Never tried it!  Hold the cinnamon and coffee for me though.

Mexican Hot Chocolate with Dulce de Leche Spiced Cream: Babble


Keeping with the idea of adding spices, how about this mexican hot chocolate with home made whip?  The whip has a few different peppers in it to spice things up a bit.  And the cocoa base?  Ice cream.  O.M.G.  An ice cream base for hot chocolate.  I’m… speechless.  I must try this!



After all that spice, how about something a little sweeter?  Look at those caramelized marshmallows.  (No drooling on the screen!)  Plus, John and Dana created this (free) recipe as part of a fundraising outreach for Charity Water, reminding us that having clean water is a privileged we enjoy daily (and often forget about).  Yummy hot chocolate + worthy charity?  Yes please!

Nutella Hot Chocolate: The Hungry Housewife


For something a little nuttier, try this Nutella hot chocolate.  I’ve not had it yet, but I did have some Nutella brownies the other day that were delicious!  I suspect the subtle hint of Nutella in the hot chocolate would be just as wonderful.

LAVENDER HOT CHOCOLATE: Because I’m addicted


Or how about something completely off the beaten path and adding lavender to your hot cocoa?  I’ve absolutely never tried this before, but I do have some lavender hanging around somewhere!

Hot Chocolate Bar & Hot Chocolate Mix: Edible Life in YCC


Can’t decide what you want to add to your hot cocoa?  That’s ok! JS from Edible Life in YCC has the solution for you: choose all the things!  Make your very own hot chocolate bar and put out whatever tasty treats you want to add in front of you.  Then drink lots of cocoa!  She even has a cocoa mix recipe for you to use.  Sure, she probably meant for you to do this when you have friends over, but you can be your own friend.  Right?

For more hot cocoa recipes, head over to my pinterest sweets board.  Head back over here tommorow, as I’ll be telling you all about the tag swap I participated in and showing you the tags I received!  Plus, some of the other girls will be sharing their DIY tags as well.  Later this week I’ll be posting a painting hour for you, so there’s plenty to look forward to!  (I’ll even drop a hint that something *big* is coming on Monday!)


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