O.W.L Mitts – Finished!

O.W.L Mitts – Finished!

Ok, I know I went through the final hours already, but I really want to do a finished post with all the pictures lined up together.  So that’s what this is!  For this project, I’ll also tell you what all the spells are, just because I really want to do that.  Here it is!  The massive graphic of all the work I did on these, slowly building up over time!



Now, clearly some of these photos are better than others.  But isn’t it cool to see everything together like that!  Now, just imagine what it will look like when I can A) get better at photography and B) knit during the day when there is decent natural light!  Now, truthfully, A is possible, but B is highly improbable.  Knitting mostly happens at night for me, so if I am to keep up hourly images, they will happen at night.  However, I *might* be able to work something out with a light box so that they aren’t so bad.  Anyways, that’s neither here nor there.  Let’s talk about those spells!



I know the thumb isn’t there, but this picture has better lighting so it’s the one I’m using!  Just a heads up, almost all of these words are Latin, so I won’t tell you that below.  But basically, the Latin word is the spell’s vocal component.  Ok from top to bottom now:

Accio Wand:  This spell summons your wand.

Lumos: Creates a light.

Leviosa: A levitating spell.

Stupefy: Renders your subject unconscious.

Protego: Creates a simple shield.

Diffendo:  This spell cuts things.

Fumos: Creates a smoke screen.

Fidellius:  This spell conceals a secret inside an individuals soul.

Flipendo:  Knocks things away from you.

Sonorous: Makes a loud noise.

Quietus: Makes noises quiet.

Expelliarmus: Disarms an opponent.

Ferula: Bandanges broken limbs.

Repairo: Repairs objects.

Avifors:  Transforms the subject into a bird.

Incendio: Conjures a flame to set things on fire.

Expecto Patronum:  Summons a spirit guardian to protect you from the soul sucking Dementors.

And that’s it!  I guess that wraps up these mittens for me.  Second hourly project finished!  Yes!  I guess I should go back to those socks I was working on… or fixing the scarf I made for Earl… or finishing up that quilt I’m working on.  It looks like I still have quite a few larger projects on my plate!  Off to work on one of those I go.

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7 Responses to O.W.L Mitts – Finished!

    • Thanks Dee! It’s just one pair though, the big long image shows the progress. It certainly makes it look like a made a ton of mittens though! 🙂

    • Thanks Glenna! The design comes from this knitting magazine of harry potter knits (http://www.interweavestore.com/the-unofficial-harry-potter-knits-2013). I had the magazine, and a friend of mine saw it and went gaga over the pattern! So, I knit them up for her. It was super easy though. Now that I’ve done a pair, I really want to try and create my own patterns. I’m not sure what I’ll do yet, but sooner or later some inspiration is bound to hit me!

  1. What size needles did you use for the mittens? I know there are 3 listed on the pattern but it seems like you only need to chose one. Thanks!

    • Hi Kaitlyn!

      I used size 2 needles throughout with a worsted weight yarn. I did need 2 sets of circular needles for the top of the mitten and the thumbs, but for the most part I just used one size 2 circular. The result was a nice tight knit and a good heavy mitten. I hope that helps!

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