Envelope Embellishments and Linings

Envelope Embellishments and Linings

Whelp, I’ve done it.  Every page from my card walkthrough has something on it now.  Yay!  Today I added the last to categories: envelope embellishments and linings.  Click the links to read through the whole post.  Don’t forget to head over to the introduction page and add your cards for inspiration or check out those already added!

Surprise!  There’s a .studio cut file you can download!  If you just want the cut file, you can download it here.


That’s it for today!  Short and sweet.  I’m off to make some more cards.  I hope you all have a great weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday with a sewing tutorial!

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    • No problem Glenna! Our first foray into cards were our wedding invites, and we just haven’t stopped since then. I think the envelope lining and the custom stamp with our names were my two favorite parts.

      I should note that I didn’t test any of the lining files, but I did make them using similar methods to what I do when I cut them by hand. 😀

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