The Knitting Hour: Gingerbread Hat

The Knitting Hour: Gingerbread Hat

As you might be aware, I live in the snowy land some call Minnesota.  It gets cold here, and Earl decided he needed a new hat; so he asked me to knit him one!  We headed out the yarn store and were in and out within 5 minutes (much to the approval of the shop owner, who was getting ready to close up).  Yarn in hand, I had him look through Ravelry to find a pattern he liked.  He ended up choosing the Gingerbread Hat pattern, which is available for free to all Ravelry users.  (Thanks Angela!)

The hat took me 8 hours across 3 weeks to finish.  For a moment I thought I wouldn’t get it done before winter was done.  Then the weather reminded me that I live in MN, and that’s a silly concern.  As a friend of a friend said : “MN has 4 seasons!  Winter, Second Winter, Mosquito, and Almost Winter.”

Right then.  The yarn he chose was a variegated green merino wool.  I lost the tag, but you can see that it’s a pretty yarn below (and that’s really all that matters, right?):

yarn yarn2


Yarn ball, made it was time to start knitting.

Hour 1: The cuff


I used my brandy new Hiya Hiya interchangeable needles (which I’m in LOVE with, seriously, can I have all the Hiya Hiya things?).  The cuff always takes me so long.  I think it’s the counting and the perling.

Hour 2: Finishing the Cuff


Yeah, seriously it took me 2 hours to cast on and do the ribbing.  But then it was done and I got to do more fun stuff!

Hour 3: Beginning the Ribbing



Pretty!  I *think* this is actually 2 hours, but I only had it recorded as one, so we’ll keep it as so.  I’ll be honest, this was my first experience with cable needles.  So many things I want to make now!

Hour 4,5,6 and 7: More ribbing

hour3hour4 hour5hour6

I could label each of these separately, but seriously, it’s just getting bigger slowly.  I decided I wanted to have 7 sets of the rib.  It probably would have been better if I had done 8, but it still fits him ok, so that’s good.

Hour 8: Done!



And there we have it!  A finished hat!  I have a picture of Earl wearing it, but decided not to put it here (I’m lazy people, sorry).  🙂

Ok, now let’s talk a bit about the pictures.  I really like this new system I have of taking photos on Instagram and then moving them over here. It’s so easy!  But it made me realize how much I hate the pictures my phone takes!  I’m nearing the end of my contract, so maybe I’ll get a new one this summer.  We’ll see.  In the mean time, sorry about the hit or miss quality of the hourly pictures.  I’ll make it a point to get good pictures of the finished projects with my regular camera.

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