Stenciling, Cardstock, and Giveaways – Oh My!

Stenciling, Cardstock, and Giveaways – Oh My!

Usually I try very hard to have a project that I show you when I do a giveaway.  Today, it’s just not coming to me.  Part of that is simply because I’ve got so much on my plate right now!  Later today I’ll have another of my Silhouette Cameo series posts coming out (this one on the machine itself), and I’ve got a few non-silhouette projects in the works (mostly sewing related).  And then there are the really unconventional things I’ve been doing with my silhouette.  Namely, using it to make patterns to mold for bronze casting (you’ll get a post on that tomorrow).

So, instead of forcing a project out (it really just wasn’t coming, sorry guys), I thought I’d do a mini round up of some of my old projects.  And since some of my Silhouette friends and I are giving away a ‘basket’ of goodies which includes cardstock and stencil material, I thought I’d get your gears spinning on how you can use those materials!  Here are 3 projects for each medium, or you can skip ahead to the giveaway below!

Stenciling Projects

Chevron Flower Vase


Ok, this one might have been done as an April Fool’s joke, but I still love how it came out.  While I used regular vinyl as a stencil, having the stencil material would allow you to make a re-usable stencil and get the same effect when spray painting.  Can you just imagine all the pretty centerpieces you could make?

Gallifreyan Notepad Holder


Personalizing leather is so much fun.  Again, this is a project where I used regular vinyl as a stencil, but if you wanted to do a bunch (personalized business card holders anyone?), the stencil vinyl would be perfect.  A little extra hold on the leather wouldn’t hurt either.

Etched Terrarium Ornament


I’ve done a few etched projects (ok, 2 really.  These and some pyrex pans.), but these ornaments are my favorite.  I’m not exactly sure why, but they are.  They were also my first etching project.  If I can do it, so can you!

Adhesive Cardstock

Bee Happy Card


I love this little card, it brings so much happy to the world.  While I didn’t use adhesive backed paper, those little hexes and the small frame at the bottom would have been the perfect place to have some on hand.



Ok, now I’m really cheating.  I didn’t even use cardstock in this project!  But there’s no reason you couldn’t!  I’m not sure I’d recommend using it on a curved surface, but you could go crazy and label all sorts of fun things in this manner.

Layered Christmas Card 


This is another project that can go in the category of “I wish I had adhesive backed cardstock”!  Trust me, when you make multiples of a layered card, you really really really would rather have a material that’s already adhesive.

The Giveaway

Oh, hey there! I’m sure you’re really excited to hear about the giveaway.  I’m really excited to tell you!  A few of my Silhouette friends and I are giving away a ‘basket’ of goodies.  There are a whole bunch of fun things in there, so check out the graphic below.  And guess what!  You can even click on each of their lovely faces and give them some reader love.  The giveaway is run by Rafflecopter, and you can enter right below.  It runs from 4/28-5/2.  The winner will be contacted by email within 48 hours of the giveaway closing time.  Good luck!



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