Mal Cosplay

Mal Cosplay

The time has come to share the Malcom Reynolds cosplay with you!  You’ve seen the gun, you’ve seen the holster, now how about the whole darn outfit!


Just in case you fancy a costume like this for yourself, here’s where I picked up all the gear:

Jacket – Abby Shot Reproduction (They’ve since re-released the jacket, so you can get one too!)
Shirt – Maroon button down from Amazon
Pants – Frontier trousers from Western Emporium
Suspenders – button suspenders from Amazon
Boots – Fitzwell Akala – Extra Wide Calf (I’ll replace these, as they really aren’t good construction.  But for under $40, I couldn’t complain at the time.)
Belt – borrowed from Earl
Holster – Learn how to I made it here!
Gun – Purchased a resin kit (sometimes you can find it on Amazon), and painted it up myself.

That’s it!  This was my first cosplay, so I wanted to keep it pretty simple.  I’ve done some garb (steampunk and renaissance), but to me cosplay is something a bit different since you’re trying to emulate a particular character.  And of course, this cosplay was a gender bender, but other than that I tried to keep it pretty true.  The one thing I did forget to do was to add a brown stripe down the side of the pants.  I’ll do that for next time as well as pick up a nicer pair of boots.

Now, I couldn’t leave you with just one picture, so here’s another.  I kind of like this one better, but Earl prefers the first.  Which do you like better?  And do note that I’ve never held or fired a gun, so if I’m holding it completely wrong, that’s why.


And I’ve got to say, the title “Captain Tight Pants” really fits!  Those were some tight pants, and if you’ve got womanly curves, then be sure to order them a bit on the bigger side.  They’re straight as a board.

Speaking of Captain Tight Pants, I got to meet him!  He was a the con, and was, quite frankly, the reason we went.  He was really nice and actually interacted with me both times we met him (for the photo op and the signature).  The first time our interaction went something like this (sorry if my quotes aren’t quite right).

Nathan:  “Hi!  So, who are you dressed as?”
Me: (Half mumbling) “Oh, some guy… can’t remember…”
Nathan:  “Nah, just kidding.  You guys look great!  Here, let me fix your collar.”
Nathan Fillion fixes my collar.  We get our picture taken.

Then we had our picture taken with him!  He was super nice, and looked me in the eye the entire time.  Well, I should say he tried to look me in the eye.  I’m not much of an eye contact person.  Occasionally he auctions off seats to have dinner with him and such for charity.  If I’m ever in the position to be able to afford such a thing, it’s something I would love to do.

And look at me babbling, you want to see that picture!  Here it is!


I know you’re all staring at the star in the middle (boy he’s tall), but you’ll notice that I went with a braid instead of a bun the day of the con.  Either way, it’s a slicked back, no nonsense hair do ready to see action.  And there’s Earl on the left in his Jack Harkness cosplay.  I’ll have you know that he made those pants himself.  I like that look on him.

We had a similar interaction with Nathan when we got our item signed.  Earl thinks he remembered me, but I’m not so sure.  I’m sure he saw a huge number of people that day, and I can’t imagine there was anything really all that memorable about me (unless you count the extreme awkwardness I constantly display).  I was really excited when he was doing the signing though, because I had him sign a stand for a figurine.  The entire time he asked me questions like “Oh, this is where the feet go right?  And this is forward?”  So he could make sure to sign it just right.  I really appreciated that he cared enough to do that.  Here’s the figurine with it’s signature:


I was also excited because I made him a present.  I don’t think that I remembered to tell him I made it, but he did seem to appreciate it, showed it to one of the women working with him, and said that he would keep it on his luggage.  Whether or not he does, I’ll never know.  But I’m glad that he seemed to like it.  Here’s the leather tag I made for him.  The quote on the back “I aim to misbehave” is from his speech in Serenity.

cosplay_kgdcraftermath-9 cosplay_kgdcraftermath-10

So yeah, all in all a wicked awesome experience.  If you ever happen to read this, Thank you Nathan Fillion, for being such a great guy, for all of the amazing work you do, and for the amazing experience I had at Minneapolis Comic Con.  Of course, Nathan Fillion wasn’t the only person at the con, and I’ve still got another cosplay to show you.  So I’ll be back with the details on that next week!

Stay shiny!

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8 Responses to Mal Cosplay

  1. What a wonderful experience! It is so nice to hear that a celeb–especially one that I, as a fellow geek, admire–is such a nice guy. My husband was super impressed with the care he took signing your base. We both loved the tag you made, too! We have always wanted to go to a con like this, but haven’t been able to do so. Now we want to even more!

    • It was amazing. The care he took in signing was extra special because all I brought was the base since the figure is breakable. And I know exactly what you mean about hearing about celebs you admire! I tend to create a persona in my mind based on what I see of them, but it’s great to see them in action. The only thing about the con I didn’t like was the number of people there. A few too many for my liking… but hey, it’s a con. What else can you expect? I hope you make it to one yourself some day!

    • Thanks Glenna! We had a lot of fun (and a bit of stress) planning for the con, but you’re absolutely right. Being passionate about it made the adventure all that much more memorable!

    • Thanks Angie! I might have finished those tags the morning of. But it was well worth the experience. I like them so much that I want to make more, but I also want them to be special and just for the Firefly cast… ah! Such hard decisions! 😀

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