10th Doctor Cosplay

10th Doctor Cosplay

Here’s my second cosplay for ComicCon!  You all know I’m a Dr. Who fan (see here, here, here, here, and here), so this choice should be no surprise:


Yep, that’s right, I went as The Doctor!  Specifically, the 10th Doctor.  I’m even rocking the red converse!  (Please forgive the insane shininess of my ridiculously pale skin, I’m still a photo editing newbie.)  Here’s the breakdown on the outfit:

Jacket – Abby Shot 10th Doctor women’s replica
Pants – Lekala pattern #5740
Jacket – Lekala pattern #5116
Shirt – White button up from Amazon
Converse – purchased on Ebay (a size too small, ouch!)
Tie – Another ebay purchase (you might be able to get one here), this is one of the tie patterns the 10th Doctor wore
Sonic Screwdriver – 10th Doctor sonic screwdriver

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I chose to go with my hair loose and a bit wild here, though I’ll never be able to get it to stick up like Tennant did!  (Well, maybe if I cut it all off, but that would be a bit drastic for just a cosplay.)  I also used the Making My Tennant Suit blog quite a bit for reference.

As you can see, I sewed the suit myself.  I was pretty happy with the results, although there are some things I’ll change up.  Both patterns came from Lekala, where you input your own measurements and they custom fit the pattern to you.  The pants really fit like a glove!  The jacket on the other hand… well, let’s just say that the sleeves originally looked like wizard sleeves.  I’ll probably be re-sewing that (and maybe even purchasing some of this fabric by Magnoli Clothiers, which recreates the actual stripe pattern from one of his suits, though it’s really really expensive).   I’m thinking of using a slightly altered version of the Butterick B4610 pattern for the next go round.  I’d like to stick with a women’s jacket shape since I am, after all, a woman.

Since Matt Smith was at the con as well (though I didn’t meet him or go to any of his panels), I was able to get some awesome pictures with a few other cosplayers!  Here’s one outstanding weeping angel:


This is by far one of my favorite photos from the day.  I love the action shot quality of it, and since there’s some blurring in the backround it almost feels like the weeping angle and myself are in our own little time bubble.  And those weird glasses?  Yeah, those are some awesome 3D glasses.

The next two women were really nice.  Here I am protecting the Tardis from an insidious Dalek.


That was some intense eye contact there.  For some reason, this picture took forever to take.  I started to get worried that a soul gaze would start!  (Yes, I just threw a Dresden reference into a Dr. Who post.  So sue me.)  These two were really good sports about it all, and I’m just generally amazed at the quality of their costumes.  So pretty……

And for today’s final picture, I’ll leave you with the Doctor in his natural habitat: the TARDIS:


I was so happy to see a TARDIS available for picture taking.  The people at the booth were nice enough to allow you to do so for free (though they did have a tip jar you could contribute to).  Earl and I were even lucky enough to have someone offer to take a picture of both of us really quick!  There was quite the line, so we didn’t want to take up too much time!

Hopefully this posts has gotten you at least a bit interested in learning something about Dr. Who.  If so, check out my Gallifreyan Blind post.  I’ve got a post that talks a bit about the show and where to get started if you’re not ready to jump all the way in just yet.

I’ve got 2 more posts about Minneapolis Comic Con that I want to write to wrap this whole experience up.  One is about the panels and other celebrities that we met, and the other showcases some other awesome cosplay that we saw.  I can’t wait to share


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  1. Wow, Kristy! I’m so impressed with the intricacy of your costume and that you made most of it YOURSELF! Seriously, mind-blowing. Comic Con events look like so much fun; I love the playfulness and imagination that goes into all the costumes. I have hope that I can attend one someday…ideally, one where Kristy is in attendance. Thanks for sharing and for playing along with my FB link share!
    Lauren @ The Thinking Closet recently posted…Roll-Top Desk Makeover: Business on the Outside, Party on the Inside!My Profile

    • Oh, Hi Emily! *intense stare*

      That was a fantastic day, and you guys had really awesome costumes. Thanks for being great sports and letting me get a little crazy on you! People are not my natural habitat… 😉

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