Simple Sewn Pillow Covers

Simple Sewn Pillow Covers

So… I kinda disappeared on you for a few weeks without warning there.  Sorry, sorry!  It was a surprise to me as well!  You see, I was visiting family and for some reason I always think that I’ll have a moment to myself when I’m visiting.  Um… yeah… I should know better.  But, I’m back!  And for the moment, with a fervor!  Let’s jump back right on the track where I stopped – how to sew these pillows!



3 14″ pillow forms  (You can go bigger, but be sure to re-adjust the fabric size to compensate)
1 yd 50″ or longer fabric.  I used white denim.  (If you’re using a bigger pillow – Add 2″ to the size of your pillow to get the size square you’ll need.  For example, a 16″ pillow would need 18×18 squares.)
Sewing machine

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This tutorial is just for the sewing, if you want to add the Vinyl decals, check out my previous tutorial here.

Step 1: Cut your fabric


For this project, I needed 3 squares that were 16×16 and 6 squares that were 16×10.  If you’re pillows are bigger, make sure to adjust the size accordingly.

This breaks down to 1 16×16 square and 2 16×10 squares per pillow.

Step 2: Hem your back panels

Ok, no you’re gonna do some sewing.

On each of the half pieces, sew a straight hem along one of the long edges.  I think mine is 1/4″.  You can fold it over twice if you wanted to.

Yep.  That’s it for this step.

With the denim, I chose to leave the edges raw (and might go through with a zig zag scissors later).  You can finish your seams however you wish.

Step 3: Attach the back panels

Ok, now with front sides facing, align one of the back panels so that the hemmed edge is in the middle of the large square like so:


Start your seam near the hemmed edge on the right.  You can use pins to keep everything properly aligned, but I didn’t need to.


Sew to almost the corner.  I eye this, but it should be about the same width as your seam width.  I use a 1/4″ seam, so I went to about 1/4″ to the edge.  Stop with your needle down and lift up the foot to pivot your fabric.  Place the foot back down and sew to the next corner.  Pivot as before.

Align the second piece to the other half of the back square so that you when to stop and insert it (or pin it in place now).  Here is a schematic of how the pieces are overlaying.  The black lines indicate stitch lines that you’ve already stitched.  Note that the purple piece is over the stitch line on the right.


When you’ve stitched far enough in on the left seam (from eyeing before or, if your other piece is pinned in place just keep stitching), make sure that you place you’re other back piece.  Remember to keep the raw edge of the hem facing you (and the right side facing towards the right side of your front piece).


Sew and pivot around the next two corners till you make it back to where you started.  Do the old reverse and forward to secure the stitch.



Flip your pillows inside out, stuff a pillow in them, and admire you’re handiwork!  It took me an hour and a half to make these three pillows, including all the HTV work.


Welp, that’s it for today!  Don’t forget that tomorrow is Creative Spark Wednesday.  So stop by and link up you’re projects!  I’m working my way through the past few weeks, so don’t be surprised if I stop by and leave a comment from a while ago.  And after that I’m going to show you around one of my favorite font managing tools!

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