Creative Spark Week 17

Creative Spark Week 17

Hey there! Welcome to the Creative Spark Link Party! We know that you are constantly looking for inspiration and we wanted be able to provide a place for you to come for inspiration! So every Wednesday hop on over here to Creative Spark Wednesday where three blogs, Weekend Craft, My Paper Craze and Please Excuse the Craftermath, join together to feature projects, provide a place for bloggers to link up and a crafting/DIY hub of inspiration.

Don’t forget to check out each page, since each of us chooses our own favorites to feature!  If you like one of the projects featured here enough to pin it, please head over to the original source to do so.  Thanks!

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So what is a Link Party? It’s the perfect opportunity to share YOUR projects and gain inspiration from other crafters who are linking up their own! PLUS, as a bonus, when you enter your projects into the link up, you could have your project featured by one of our blogs! Each week, we all choose our own features to post up and show the world AND pin your project to our Party Pinterest Board! Be sure to follow along to get the latest and greatest features from the parties!

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Fall Mason Jar Vases by Designs by Anything and Everything



I found my people this week.  And by people, I mean the crafty geeks.  The ones who saw that season 8 of Dr. Who was starting and had to celebrate in a crafty way.  Like these awesone TARDIS cupcakes by Cathy from Our Mini Family.  <3


4th doctors scarf bracelets

Or how about this amazing knitted bracelet that plays off the 4th doctor’s scarf?!  Brilliant!  Well done Julie from Sun of their Stories!  (P.S. – do you think they have the same TARDIS in the background of their pictures?  I wonder if it’s the same light up one that I have?)



Ok, techincally this last one isn’t specifically Dr. Who.. but that’s ok, cause bowties are cool.  And if you don’t get it, that’s ok.  We do.  (Plus, this Cheesy Bowties with Mushrooms and Green Onions recipe from Life With Garnish really does look delicious).


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7 Responses to Creative Spark Week 17

    • I find the more and more I hang out online, the more of my people I find. I’m lucky enough to have a few good crafty and nerdy friends who live nearby as well. Glad to have you around here!

    • Those topper were amazing! If you click through to the link, you’ll find that she’s got a recipe for TARDIS blue cupcakes to go with them! Yum! Though I suspect I’d end up with a blue mouth, knowing my luck. I’m very much looking forward to see how Capaldi fills out the role, but I don’t think anyone will ever fill the hole that Tennant left in my life.

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