Stuff and Things and Europe

Stuff and Things and Europe

I recently took part in a big cash giveaway, and as a result I’m pretty sure some of you are new followers.  Hi new people!  So, as a quick back story, occasionally I do these rambling posts to keep you guys in the loop with what’s going on in my mind.  If you want to stop reading now (since it’s mostly me rambling), I understand.  If not, here’s you’re chance to peak in to that strange place my brain calls home.

I know I haven’t really been posting much lately.  Part of me is sad because of that (especially since I’ve been working on some things that I really want to show you), and part of me understands that it’s been necessary.  And of course, part of me is reminding myself that it’s ok. This blog, as always, exists to keep me sane and provide a creative outlet so I don’t get all caught up in the insanity that is my regular life.

I’m reaching a point, however, where regular life has impeded on my ability to write blog posts, and that won’t be changing soon.  And that’s not a bad thing!  You see, I’m going to be going overseas for 10 weeks.  In less than 2 weeks I’ll be on a plane heading over to Europe to work on my dissertation research.  I’ll be visiting Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia.  You can see the swath of central Europe I’ll be visiting below.  Somehow, this still does not feel real to me.


(Map style from Snazzy Maps)

All my effort in the past 2 months has gone towards planning this trip.  A lot of people ask me if I’m excited.  Honestly?  Not really.  But I’ve come to terms with the fact that it’s just because I’m an anxious person.  Right now, I’ve got to plan for everything to go wrong that I can.  Because if it goes wrong, and I could have prevented it, then I’ll be upset with myself.  But, if I planned for everything I could and something goes wrong?  That’s not such a big deal.  That I can deal with.  I’ll be excited when I’m there, certainly.  But there will also times when I’m lonely.  I’ll be working in countries where I’m not the best at speaking their native languages, and I’ll be traveling alone.  These are the types of experiences that I like to share with people.  I’ll enjoy it, but I’ll also miss home.  So I’m mentally gearing myself up for that aspect as well.

I’ve done some travel and research like this before, so I’m not going in blind.  Today my goal is to pack everything to make sure it all fits and figure out what last things I need to order before I leave.  I’ve also been working on some projects to post while I’m gone.  I’ve been thinking about sharing what I travel with you guys, but am not sure if that would interest you.  If you feel strongly either way, let me know in the comments.  Or if you have burning questions about my research or about traveling alone in general, those are fair game as well.  I’ll answer them for you.

I’ll still be doing the Silhouette Challenge.  And there is another blog hop I’m hoping to be able to create projects for before I leave.  I’ve also finished up the rest of my craft-it-forwards, and will be sending those out before too long.  I won’t be keeping up with the Creative Spark though.  Sadly, I don’t know how consistent internet connection will be while I’m gone, so we’ll be having a guest join in and take up my place while I’m traveling.  Don’t worry though – I’ll be back eventually.

Last time I wrote one of these, I mentioned really wanting to post one significant tutorial a week.  That hasn’t been working out so well for me.  I’m ok with that though, mostly because when presented with a choice, I’ve been working on my dissertation writing.  That’s something I have to do.  But, I still want to post here more.  So I’m going to ease up on myself.  My new goal is to post once a week (not counting the link party).  That’s it.  No restrictions on what I can and can’t post.  Of course, I can and probably will post more than once a week when I am able.  I like writing tutorials, so still expect to see those.  But sometimes, I might tell you about a project I made and didn’t write a tutorial on.  Or, I might update you on something I worked on before.

I also think I need a set day, otherwise it turns into “I’ll write that post tomorrow,” and then it’s Friday and I’ve just got too much going on.  So, I’m going to try to write you a post for every Tuesday.  Why Tuesday?  Because I like to spend time with Earl on the weekends, and this way I can write the post on Monday.  But, if Monday ends up being too busy, I’ve still got Tuesday.  Deal?  Also, I just realized it happens to be Tuesday, so that makes me feel good about getting a post out today.

I’m also working on a project that I want to integrate you into while I’m traveling.  I’ve thought of a few things so far, and I’ve just got to figure out details and which will work best.  I’m hoping to share those with you tomorrow.  One of them has to do with my new weekly newsletter.

Wait – weekly newsletter?  When did that happen?  Well, I started creating it as part of the giveaway, and didn’t get nearly as far as I wanted.  So right now, you can sign up for the newsletter either as a daily email (which you will only receive if there is a new post), or as a weekly update.  I haven’t sent a weekly update yet.  When I do, it will include links to the posts  for the week and a few extra special things.  For example, when I’m traveling I’d like to send you a picture and a short message from where I’m at.  Think of it as a virtual post card.  Of course, all that comes down to planning and getting things done!  At some point, I’ll be switching off the existing wordpress newsletter, so if you receive your updates that way you’ll want to switch to the Mail Chimp one.  But don’t worry – I’ll give you plenty of warning on when that will happen.  And if you want to sign up now, you can do so below.

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I think that’s all I have to say for now!  So, here’s the tl;dr version (too long, didn’t read):

  • Starting in October, I’ll be in Europe until mid December.
  • I won’t be doing the link party while I’m gone – but someone else will
  • I’ve been planning posts for you
  • I’ll still be participating in the Silhouette Challenge
  • My goal for the rest of the year (at least) is to have a post for you every Tuesday – this may or may not be a tutorial
  • I’m working on a fun project that involves YOU while I’m gone.

Thank you for being amazing readers.  When I started this blog, I never really planned on having readers.  I just wanted to share what I did and make space for creativity in my life.  In the process, I’ve made new friends and felt a sense of accomplishment as I’ve shared my projects with you.  I can’t wait to share Europe with you.

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  1. I would love to hear about your travels and your dissertation. Please, don’t worry, I will still be here. Go, and do what you need to do and learn a lot, travel safely, and keep us posted.

    Blessings to you,

    • Thanks so much Sarah! I’ll be sure to keep you all in the loop as often as I can. One thing I love about the life that I’m allowed to live is that I never find myself without the opportunity to learn.

  2. I think what you’re doing is great and I’d love to hear all about it, your travels and your dissertation. Have fun, be safe and I’m looking forward to hearing all about it when you have time.

    • Dana, Thank so so much for the kind words of encouragement and support. I can’t wait to share my experiences with you!

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