Munich 1.0

Munich 1.0

This post took me a little longer than I anticipated to write, but hey – it’s here now! And better yet, I’m writing it while I’m still in Zagreb.

I was in Munich for a whole week, and much like Stuttgart, I’ll be going back again.  Not really for any reason other than I had some free days and they have more material that I can look at, so I’m taking advantage of the opportunity.

The people in Munich were really great.  The first night I was there I ate at this really nice little pizza and pasta place, and the waiter there complimented me on my German.  Really, my German isn’t all that good, but I can order dinner and pay at least.  I can also buy a train ticket and have a conversation about the weather.  I’m trying to get better, but I can’t do all that much more.  Starting next week I have some lessons I’ll be going through each night.  I had started them earlier, things got busy, and then I left the first cd at home.  Oops.  That’s since been remedied, and I will be able to pick them up again soon.

Munich (or München in German) is a really fantastic city that has some great old buildings.  The character of it is very different from Stuttgart.  München just felt older.  I don’t really have any pictures of the streets of either city, but I’m going to make sure to get them when I go back.  I have a few here in Zagreb, but there are a few more I still want to take.  Let’s just hope it isn’t raining us much tomorrow.

Back to München!  You may remember that my room in Stuttgart left something to be desired.  Namely, a sink at the head of the bed.  München was much nicer.  Still small, but perfectly usable.  Plus, I could actually access the desk!  And I had my own bathroom, which was nice.  I really don’t mind sharing a bathroom – just not when it’s on the other side of the sink that is at the head of my bed.  I also had this fantastic window that let in a ton of natural light.


So, if you’re ever in München and need a place to stay, I highly reccomend the mk hotel münchen.

I passed the Maximilianeum every day, and it was this amazing building.  Overall, the building isn’t that old since it building began in 1857, but it was still fantastic to look upon.  It was founded (and still used) as a place for some of the best scholars to live while they studied.  It is also where the Bavarian Parliament is currently housed.  I’m just in awe of this building.  I highly encourage you to visit their website (which has an English version) to learn more.

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I mentioned earlier that there was this great old feeling to the city.  Every day I walked through the “English Garden” to get to the museum, and it is here where I saw some of the best examples of this.  Now, I’ll be honest, when I saw that I would be walking through an English Garden to get to work every day, I envisioned hedge rows and flower beds and all sorts of fancy things.  What I found, was this:


Ah.  Nature at it’s finest.  And honestly, the weather was so perfect last week.  It was mid 60s, the leaves were falling, I hardly needed a jacket, and even though it rained, it only rained when I wasn’t walking.

Oh yes, you wanted to now about the old and the new.  One of the sights along my way was this lovely old building.  Don’t ask me what it is, I don’t really know.


And if we take a closer look, we can seen some really interesting tagging on the building.  I’ll note that the top of the tagging on the door is just over head height for me.


One last really cool thing about the park.  In the other section of it (across the river and a few blocks away), there is this little restaurant, Fräulein Grüneis.  I ate lunch there a few times, but what’s cool is that it used to be a lavatory.  They cleaned it up and renovated it, and now you can buy a pretty nice lunch there.


Once I walk through the park, it’s time to cross over the Isar river.  And of course, who better to guard the river than these two ever present figures.  I love the fall colors emerging along the sides of the river.

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Now, you can imagine after seeing many buildings like these:

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Why I might have been a bit surprised to see this as the Archäologische Staatssammlung (The State Archaeological Collection):

munich_kgdcraftermath-13Very different indeed!  The column that you see there has a really interesting story though.  Please forgive me if I miss some details or don’t tell it as well as it was told to me, but essentially there was a stone quarry and an investor was certain that people would want stone columns.  So, he ordered them to be quarried that way and started searching for his column buyers.  Unluckily for him, he never found a buyer, and so they just sat there in the quarry.  Now, however, the stone columns are scattered across different cities.  It’s possible there’s some sort of symbolism in where they are scattered, but I think it’s kind of cool.

Ok, this post is getting a bit long, but I wanted to leave you with one last slide show.  I’m not typically out at night, but I had the occasion to walk back after dark one night, and München didn’t disappoint!  I think my favorite is the pretty building that’s popping out over the river.  I love the way some of the buildings are lit!

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Next week I’ll tell you all about Zagreb!


Don’t forget you can get a postcard from me while I travel as part of my From Europe, With Love project if you sign up before December 1st.  Click here for more details (you do need to view the post in a web browser to do so).  My München ones got misplaced, but I’ll be going back so I can replace them *phew*.  Zagreb’s are written and going out into the mail tomorrow!




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  1. I love that you got to walk through the “English Garden” every day to get to the museum. It all looks very surreal to someone who has never left the States.

    • That walk was one of the most relaxing parts of the day, even when I was in a hurry. It looks like there’s something more English Garden-y here in Hannover – I can’t wait to give it a look! And to be honest, even though I’ve been here before and am looking right at it, it still looks surreal to me. I think it’s one of the reasons I love it so much in Europe. The depth of the history here is so integrated into everyday life.

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