Easy as Pi + Free Silhouette Cut File

Easy as Pi + Free Silhouette Cut File

Hello!  It’s been a while, but I’ve got another craft project for you.  This one is part of the Silhouette Challenge, and our challenge this month was gifts.

I’ll be honest, I was at a bit of a loss for this one.  Partly because everything I thought of to make as a gift I would want to give to someone!  Most of them I’d want to give to my mom.  (Yeah mom, to you.)  So, I went to my inspiration (i.e. Earl) and asked what I should do.  He told me to make him an etched beer glass.  We went to Target, picked out a glass, and then saw a really fun pie plate that said “Easy as Pie.”  I really liked it, so I decided that we would do that instead.  And because I’m a nerd, it’s easy as Pi.  Now, to find a nerdy friend (ok, honestly, that’s all of them) who doesn’t read my blog to gift this to (hmmmm… much plotting).

I’ve done pyrex before, but I wanted to change things up a bit and do something right on the bottom instead of around the sides.  I also included the instructions on how to create your own design like this so you could switch it up and add whatever saying you wanted for your own gift!  So, here’ it goes!



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Etching Cream (I used the Martha Stewart etching cream this time)
1 piece of vinyl at least 7″ wide, any color (I buy all my vinyl from Expressions)
1 piece of contact paper or transfer paper
Weeding tool
Paint brush
And of course, your Silhouette!

Step 1: Create your File

If you want, you can just download the files you need here (both V3 and legacy versions).  I’ve done all the hard work for you, but if you want to create a similar design (or change your font and therefore the number of decimals pi goes to), you can use the instructions below.  Jump to step 2 if you aren’t creating your own file.

Start by creating a circle.  Do this by choosing your Elipse tool.  Then hold your shift key down and drag your circle.  Let go of the mouse key before you let go of the shift key – this will create a circle instead of an oval for you.  Don’t worry about the size just yet – that’s coming up next.


Now select the arrow tool and click on your circle.  Open up the scale window by selecting it up top.  Set your width to 7 inches, make sure “Lock Aspect Ratio” is checked, and hit apply.  This will create your circle at the right width.  Why 7 inches?  Well, the total diameter of the plate was around 7.5″ and I wanted some room to be able to place the stencil.


Now, select your circle.  Hit ctrl+c and then ctrl+v to copy and paste a new circle (ctrl+c and cmd+v on a mc).  In the size window, set the new circle to be 6.5″.


To center the two circles, select them both and open up the align window.  Choose the “center” option.


Now it’s time to add some text.  There are 2 parts of text we’ll be adding – the center part and the numbers that run all the way around.  The center part is pretty easy.  Just copy the following text “Easy as π”.  Then past it into the program and open up the font window to choose the font you like and the size.  You can also center the text and put π on a second line.  If you want a fancier version of pi, you can change up the font or find an image to trace.


To get the numbers around the outside, the first thing you want to do is paste a section of pi.  I just used the first google hit and copied from there.  Once it’s copied in, you’ll want to change your font and size to whatever you feel is appropriate.  (I used OCR A Extended at 72pt for the center and 36pt for pi in case you’re interested).  Now we want it to follow the path we created.  Here’s where it gets a bit tricky.

Double click on your number with the pointer tool so that you see the green box around it.

etching 6

Now, hold down on the cross hairs in the corner and drag that towards your circle.  I find it easier to quickly drag it to the center and then come down on the inner circle.  You want it to wrap around on the inside of the circle.  If it wraps upside down (i.e., so that the bottom of the text is on the outside of the circle), then just tug your mouse upwards to pull it into place.


As you can see above, I needed to add a few more decimals of pi to make it fit around.  I find it’s easier to start short and then add on than to start too long and have to delete, since you can’t see where the end is after it wraps around once.

You’ll notice that the inner circle is grey.  It shouldn’t cut when you send it to the machine, but it’s always worth double checking before you tell it to go.

Step 2: Cut, transfer, and weed

To cute, just load your vinyl into your machine.  I prefer to use my mat even with vinyl, as I find it’s less likely to travel.  I started with default settings for vinyl, but pulled down the speed a little so that the little bits of the numbers didn’t accidentally pull up.  One trick I use with some of my older mats is to press the vinyl down first with a brayer to make sure there is plenty of stick.


You may notice that I’ve put transfer before weeding.  For a design that has lots of little bits, like the text around the edge, I prefer to do it this way.  Of course, some of those pesky numbers just didn’t want to move.  So, as long as there weren’t any parts that needed to stay, I was ok with 1 or 2 numbers pre-weeding themselves.


You may notice that I used contact paper instead of transfer paper.  It works, but I still prefer transfer paper.  I find it has better stick.  But, use what you’ve got!  Then just place it in the pyrex pan and weed all those little bits out.  Try not to go crazy doing it, ok?


Step 3: Etch

The next step is to etch the pie plate.  For this project I used the Martha Stewart etching cream, and if I’m being honest I used it just because it was what was in stock at our local Micheal’s (Really, why do I say that anymore?  I’m always honest here).  I did like it a lot better than the Silhouette etching cream I’d used previously though.  It sits for longer (5 minutes instead of 30 seconds), but I found the more liquid nature of it to work better for application.  Plus, it seemed to me like it had a hydrophobic reaction to the vinyl and sat right in the empty spaces without trying to seep all over the place.


After the prescribed time, rinse off the plate and peel off the vinyl.

Fin: Easy as Pi


With just a few adjustments, you could have the pie numbers going around the outside of the pan.  And I’m sorry (#sorryNotSorry), but I love the little mathematical pun.  It makes my heart sing.  In the end, I think it makes a lovely personalized gift with so many options.  Plus, you’ll always know who’s pie plate it is!  Unless you come from a family of Mathematicians.  Then things might get a little ugly.

But wait!  There’s more!

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  1. Oh, you WOULD do something like this…haha…and I LOVE it! I’ve seen the “Easy as pi” pun before, but a) never etched onto the bottom of a pie dish and b) never with the actual number on it. This design is so fun, and I know the lucky recipient will get a kick out of it. Thanks for sharing a tutorial and tips on the etching…I’ve actually never tried it, and I’m hoping to make a bunch of etched casserole dishes for Christmas, so this will come in handy!
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  2. Just discovered your site and I love it! I supply items such as glass etching cream and stencils to crafters and wanted to see if you would test some of my products for free in exchange for feedback. Any interest? I will ship the supplies to you all for free with cream and stencils. I am looking forward to your reply. Thanks Eric

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