So, Hi!  It’s been a while, hasn’t it?!  I’ll be honest – I really really really wanted to keep up with these updates and get them out as I moved to the next city.  Obviously that hasn’t happened.  And I don’t really have much of an excuse.  Sure, there have been one or two places where I had no or very bad internet.  And there have been others where I’ve been too exhausted to do much of anything.  But there have also been times when I’ve been able to breathe just a little bit.  So, I took those chances to do just that.  As I’m nearing the end though (just over 2 weeks!), I really want to make the push to get out the rest of the updates before I leave.  Stuttgart 2.0 and Halle will probably come after I’ve returned home for logistical reasons, but I’m gonna try to get the rest out.


First, a quick update on my postcard project.  I’ve sent 2 sets of post cards so far – 1 from Zagreb and 1 from Hannover.  It’s been a bit hectic and hard for me to find time to hit post offices, so I’ve got another set that’s ready to go out during my day off this Wednesday.  So if you haven’t gotten a postcard yet, don’t worry!  I’ve been writing them and have some from Munich, Budapest, Graz, Innsbruck, and Linz just waiting for stamps and a post box!

Want to get a post card but haven’t signed up yet?!  Check out my post here for all the details! But don’t delay too much, I’ll be cutting off the post cards come December 1st to make sure I’ve got time to write and send them all before I leave.


Let’s get to the meat of this post – Zagreb.  Zagreb was a little different from most of my stops.  This was for 2 reasons: I was in an apartment with a kitchen, and I wasn’t working Sunday-Wednesday.  That’s a long time off.  In fact, it’s the longest time of non-work that I have throughout the entire trip!  But did I look around Zagreb and check everything out?  No, I was a good grad student and stayed in working on other grad studenty projects.  At the time, it didn’t really bother me.  I still don’t think it does much.  I just really needed the time to re-charge.

So where did I spend all my time then?  Mostly, in my apartment.  It was really nice.  I took some pictures for you.  Don’t forget that you can ‘click to embiggen’ any of the pictures in this post!

zagreb_kgdcraftermath-38 zagreb_kgdcraftermath-39

Sorry for the poor lighting.  I took them the night before I left, as it had been raining and I had been running around like a bit of a mad woman for the last two days.  It was quite spacious though!  I was really happy there.

Now of course, I didn’t spend ALL my time in the apartment.  I did have to go buy groceries so that I could cook!  And to do that, I decided to take a trip down to the local farmer’s market.  Let me tell you, it was an experience.  I was able to get a whole weeks worth of food and walked around buying all sorts of veges and fruits.  Actually, I ended up getting more than a weeks worth of food.  People just didn’t get that I didn’t want 10 potatoes, or 10 eggs.  I’m only one person!  But then, I don’t speak any Croatian, for which I am ashamed.  I can now say 2 things though!  Dobra dan is good day, and Vhala is thank you.


The most interesting farmer’s market experience for me was when an elderly gentleman decided he wanted a sprig of rosemary for his boutineer.  Of course, I had no idea what he was saying so it took me a while to figure out what it was he wanted.  Eventually I gave it to him, and he was so happy.  He kissed both my cheeks in thanks, and then checked to see if I was married before kissing my hands.  It was a very very odd experience, but I left with a smile (and short a tiny bit of rosemary), so I was happy for it.



Above you can see the statue of a woman just outside the farmer’s market.  I completely missed it the first time I visited, but I really enjoyed it when I stopped by the second time!  I’ve also seen a number of city models around since I’ve been here, but Zagreb was the first.  Who needs a map when you’ve got the whole town in miniature?!


While I was in Zagreb, the thing that was most disconcerting was the weather!  It was in the 70s the entire time I was there.  The 70s!  There were even some flowers that decided to say hello, both new ones to me as well as a few old familiar faces.

zagreb_kgdcraftermath-16 zagreb_kgdcraftermath-13 zagreb_kgdcraftermath-15zagreb_kgdcraftermath-20

Of course, Zagreb also had some really nice buildings and a few different scenes to see about the town.

zagreb_kgdcraftermath-7 zagreb_kgdcraftermath-25 zagreb_kgdcraftermath-27 zagreb_kgdcraftermath-36 zagreb_kgdcraftermath-26

Alas, I fear my descriptions are getting a bit lax as I start to drift asleep.  And so I will leave you with just two more highlights from my trip to Zagreb.  The first being from the museum I worked in.  They have the oldest working elevator in the city, and seemed quite proud of it.  I have to admit, it was pretty cool in that old timey kind of way.


And the second is a set of images that I took upon leaving Zagreb.  I really like the train station, and was so happy to be traveling through the Alps.  I just love the mountains.  (Jumping ahead a bit – I’ve been in Austria for a little over a week, and really really love the scenery here.  *le sigh*).

zagreb_kgdcraftermath-4 zagreb_kgdcraftermath-6 zagreb_kgdcraftermath-43

And with that, we leave Zagreb.  One of the most peaceful stops I had.  Though I admit, not speaking a word of the language did stress me out quite a bit.  Fingers crossed you’ll see my next post on Wednesday.  There, I’ll bring you along with me on a city walk throughout Hannover.  I can’t wait to share!

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