Project of Doom: Blocks 2&3

Project of Doom: Blocks 2&3

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Ok, I’ve got an update on Block 1 and some in progress shots of blocks 2 and three for you today.  Sorry I missed last week.  I figure it’s ok because you get extra pictures this week.

My first blocks have their titles on them now.  Since there was a magic ball on the shelf here, I went with augury titles.  To add the titles, I cut stencils with my Silhouette and then pounced on the color with some fabric paint.  For the two that have outlines, I hand outlined them with a bit of black paint afterwards and a really thin paintbrush.  The titles read (from left to right): Predicting the Unpredictable, Broken Balls: When Futures turn foul, The Dream Oracle, and Unfogging the Future.  I only just realized now that Broken Balls is supposed to be When Fortunes turn Foul!  Oops!  Oh well, I doubt anyone would have noticed if I didn’t say it here.  So… forget that I said that, ok?

kgd_pod2-5 kgd_pod2-4


Week 2 was a pretty simple block – lots and lots of books.  In fact, Earl helped out with the sewing as well on these blocks.  I bet you can’t even tell which one he did vs. which one I did.  The original block had a few blank spots, but I opted for the block with the most books.  Earl and I both agree – the only good bookshelf is an overflowing one.  No titles here yet, but I’ve picked them out.  I just had a few problems with not enough supplies.  I was surprised to find I had run out of vinyl!



And finally onto block three.  This one was a doozy!  So many small pieces!  I only have one of these done right now.  It took several hours to get the symbol in the bottom.  Again, I went with one of the optional blocks here.  The original had a potion bottle.  Since there are several other potion bottles on the quilt, I figured I’d go with the Deathly Hallows symbol.  Plus… it lets me do something pretty cool with the cover of the book.  But… you’ll have to wait till next week to see it!  That is, unless you happen to follow me on instagram.  If I remember, I’ll be sure to add some in progress pictures there when I work on it.



Well, that’s it for now.  I’m hoping that by next week I’ll have all the titles on and be caught up with all the blocks.  Thanks for stopping by!

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3 Responses to Project of Doom: Blocks 2&3

  1. You’ve done a wonderful job! I love your blocks. If you’re using the vinyl to make stencils you can use freezer paper instead or clear contact paper but you probably already know that. 🙂

    • Thanks Dana! I really like the color palette I’ve ended up with.

      I have been using vinyl for these stencils. Usually I use freezer paper – but something about having to move the tiny tiny inside pieces to iron on is keeping me from attempting the freezer paper method for this project. (I do prefer the seal of ironed on freezer paper in general though, most definitely!) Or maybe it just reminds too much of the Sherlock stencil I did last year. 😉 Clear contact paper and I don’t get along – I can never seem to get enough stick. Boo. All that said – if it takes too long for more vinyl to come in, I might give in and cut up some freezer paper after all. Thank you so much for the suggestions!

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