Graffiti Heart Pillow

Graffiti Heart Pillow

Today’s Harry Potter quilt pieces are being postponed.  Partly because I’m still waiting for my vinyl to show up, and partly because I have another project to share with you.  This one’s got a tutorial to it as well!  Prepare yourself for lots of pictures.

You see, about a week or so ago, I was invited to participate in a mystery Valentines box challenge.  I would be sent a package full of goodies, and then I would make something fun with them.  I have to tell you, I’m always up for a challenge – especially a mystery challenge!  So… what was in the box?  Well, let me show you!


I receive a bottle of Tulip soft matte paint (in steel and raspberry),  Tulip Slick Dimensional Fabric Paint in deep red, 3 stencils, Tulip Stencil spray, Aleena’s fabric adhesive sheets, Aleena’s Fabric Fusion Glue, a pillow cover, a paint roller, and some ruffles.

There was also a sweet note with some candies and tea from Laura Kelly, who organized the mystery challenge.  It was a welcome side kick to my little project.


The drippy paint heart screamed right out at me, as did the steel and raspberry paints.  I just happened to have a pillow that was the right size for the pillow case, and so  I gathered up my supplies (plus some fabric from my currently growing stash), and got to work painting and embellishing!


First, I prepared the stencil by spraying it with some of the stencil spray.


While that was drying, I painted the front of the pillow a splotchy grey.  I used the roller to get some larger splotches, and then went over roughly with a brush to fill out the lighter areas.


Next up was applying the stencil.  I really liked the stencil spray – it helped keep the stencil in place while I was pouncing, and it didn’t leave any sticky stuff behind.

kgd_valentines-7 kgd_valentines-8


I thought it would be cool to add some dimensional paint around the edges of the drippy bits.  I just followed down the edges at variable lengths and filled in the end of the curve.  I like it, although it could also look a bit like the heart is bleeding and not just drippy spraypaint.  I’m ok with that though!




Next up: adding the fabric from my stash.  I really wanted to try out the fabric adhesive sheets, so I thought I’d add some triangular bits to the corners.  I started by cutting out an 8″ square, and then cut that into equally sized triangles by cutting from corner to corner.



To cut the sheets to size, I started by cutting the top of the triangle, and then filling in the bottom corners.


Here’s a tip!  Make sure to clean out your rotary cutter if you’re using it to make your cuts – I had some of the glue get caught and I had to take it apart to remove the gunk.  It cleaned up pretty well, but I can imagine that it would be a pain in the neck if I had left it there till later to clean out.



When applying the corners, I placed one of the small corners first and then peeled the big corner out as I went along.  I tried to remove the backing for the whole sheet at once, and it got stuck together.  No good!  So I ended up peeling that glue off and using another sheet.


I didn’t make sure the edges of the fabric and the glue lined up perfectly – but I’m ok with that!  I expect a little bit of fraying to occur, which will enhance the overall look.


And that’s it!  It was actually a pretty simple and quick project.  I managed to get it done in under an hour.



Right now the pillow case is sitting on our bed.  Clearly, as you can see, I’m in need of more pillows.


Kaylee doesn’t mind though.  She just thinks I’m crazy for crawling all over the place to get a good photo.  As long as I leave her alone in her corner (which happens to be right near the heater), it doesn’t matter to her how many pillows we have!



Thanks for stopping by!  I’ll be back tomorrow with the weekly link party.  Also – I got an awesome game in this weekend that I want to share with you if for no other reason than the craftsmanship is astonishing.

Wanna see more projects made with some of these goodies?  Check them out below!

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