Harry Potter Word Art

Harry Potter Word Art

Hey!  It’s Silhouette Challenge Monday!  I’ve got to admit – I almost skipped this one.  It would have been the first one I’ve skipped since I joined the group.  BUT… It turns out I signed up for a Harry Potter craft swap, and my partner happens to have a favorite quote.  (Also – partner, whoever you are, I’m going to spoil you.  Fair warning).  I figured this was the PERFECT chance to dip my toe into word art!  I didn’t tackle the bonus challenge of sketch pens, but I DID tackle a bonus challenge of my own – gold gilding!  Plus – even if you don’t have a Silhouette, I’ve added a free printable at the end of the post!  Let’s check it out!


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Ok, I don’t have a materials picture, but here’s what you’ll need to make your word art just like mine.

10.5×7.5 wooden plaque (This one is similar to the one I used)
Martha Stewart Espresso Wood Stain
Martha Stewart Light Gold Paint
Martha Stewart Gilding Adhesive
Martha Stewart Gold Gliding Sheets
Gilding Brush Set
Stenciling Brush
Paint brush for the wood stain
A piece of vinyl at least 11×8
Post-it Notes
FREE Silhouette cut file!  (For personal use only)

And, of course, I used my Silhouette Cameo

Step 1: Creating your file

You can download the FREE file I made HERE, or you can follow the steps outlined below if you want to make some changes to the design.  I designed my text inPhotoshop because I’m a little more comfortable in that environment.  The fonts I used were:


Here’s a tip:  If you’re working in Photoshop, save your file as a .png file so that it keeps its size.  Once that was done, I imported the image into Silhouette Studio and traced it using the following settings:



I moved the quote off of the screen and made two squares.  These were based on the dimensions of my wood.  The outer square is 10.5×7.5″ and the inner square is 7×7.5″  I used the scale option to set the sizes correctly.


Next, I drew a line between the corners of the boxes…


And then deleted the inner box and re-arranged the words so that they were centered in the box.


To cut, I set it to the vinyl settings, moved the speed down to 4 (since its a bit more complicated cut), and upped my blade to 3.

Step 2: Stain

Staining the board was a breeze.  I just painted it one with a brush and wiped the excess off with a cloth.  I had a drop cloth around that I placed on my floor, but you could do this with a smaller protectant on your table.


Step 3: Weed and Place your Stencil

Before you paint, you’ll need to remove all of the parts of the letter you want painted (also known as weeding your vinyl).  Surprisingly, this was easier to weed than I had expected!  Here’s what my vinyl looks like all pretty and weeded, with the transfer paper and the board.



Cut a piece of transfer paper to size.  You can also use contact paper, plenty of people I know love it, but I’ve always preferred transfer paper, so that’s what I use here.  I find it best to lay the transfer paper down in a diagonal direction.  It helps keep everything going down evenly.


Once the transfer paper is completely on….



Flip your design upside down, and remove the backing from the vinyl.  Watch those small floaters!  You may need to press down harder to get those to stick.


Place the stencil on your wood – again, I go diagonally (and slowly).



Step 4: Add your Paint

Now we’re going to stencil on the paint.  But wait!  We’re going to do two colors!  Yep!  Because I didn’t want to cut the stencil out twice, I have both colors on the same vinyl stencil.  We’ll do the paint first and then the gilding.  To protect the part that will be gilded later, cover it up with post-it notes. You’ll want to use the post-it notes because they are better for later.


Using a round bristle brush (like the little one pictured above), pounce your paint onto your stencil.  All you’re doing is pressing your brush onto your stencil really quick in one spot, lifting it, and pressing it down again.  You’ll almost feel like you’re making fast, unintelligible Morse code as you go.  I did one coat over the top, then the bottom, then went over it again with a second coat.


Step 5: Add the gilding

Now, use your gilding brush to brush on some of the gilding adhesive.  Don’t let your paint dry – do this right away.


As soon as the gilding as dried a little bit (so that it’s not still pooling), carefully remove your stencil.  The painted parts should come off crisp, but the gilding adhesive will stretch a little before it breaks.

Place your post-it notes so that they are covering the paint now.  The post-it notes will cover your paint without pressing down and smudging it.  The paint should be semi-dry by now.  Then carefully place your gilding sheets over the adhesive (using the provided wax paper) and press down on the letters.  I had to use two sheets of gilding paper.



Let this dry as indicated (1-2 hours).

Step 6: Remove the gilding sheets

Next, use the soft brushes to brush away the extra gilding.  I started by isolating a letter like so:


And then brushing away everything around the edges.



All that’s left is is clean up and admiring your finished piece!



Now, the discerning Harry Potter fan my notice that I messed up the quote a teensy weensy bit.  That’s ok though!  Since I’m a perfectionist, I’ll re-make the quote so that it’s correct for my swap partner, but this also means that I’ve got a wooden plaque for myself!

And didn’t I also promise you a free printable?  Why, yes I did!  It can be downloaded HERE with the rest of the source files.  And here’s what it looks like!


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  1. I love your sign…..and eh the quote mess up …well it happens to all of us…. As I read your tutorial, i wondered if my gold “rub” would work as an alternative to the sheets…..it just might.

    You have inspired me to try it out.

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