Last year, some of my silhouette buddies and I did an EPIC April Fools project where we tried to jam as many crafting trends into one project as possible. We had a great time, but most of us are super busy this year, so we wanted to do something a little less high pressure.  This year’s projects have no voting, no cramming as many things in a possible – just some good old fashioned puns.  Of course, I’m not really the best at puns, so I went to my pun expert, Earl.  He only gave me one pun to work with (I think he REALLY wanted me to use it), and absolutely  no direction.

Without further adieu, I present to you….


What is bee-inary you ask?  It’s stationary, with bees, that buzz in binary code. He he, he he (in the nerdiest laugh ever).


And yes, in case you’re wondering, the bee-inary does actually say something.  +10 points if you can figure out what it says.

I’ll even show you how to make your own!


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To make bee-inary paper, you’ll need the following:

Silhouette studio (you can use the free version, and we’re not doing any cutting, so anyone can do this!)
Binary translator (it’s freeeeeee)
1 piece of cover stock weight paper
Bee stamp (I used this one – but you can print your bee out as well)
Paper cutter (here’s the one I have and swear by)

Want to skip the design and just print out the bee-inary?  Download my Silhouette file here! (Personal use only please)  It doesn’t have a bee, but it’s got my phrase there for you!  I’ve got it in .studio and .pdf for you.


Minc machine (or laminator)
*Note: If you will be foil embossing, make sure to print your paper with a laser printer

Bee-inary path

To design your bee-inary path, you first need to decide what phrase you want.  I’ll not tell you what my phrase is (don’t worry, it’s not vulgar, I just want to see if anyone figures it out on their own!), but for the purposes of this post we’ll use “April Fools!”.  Go to Binary translator and get your string of numbers.  Here’s what it spits out:

01000001 01110000 01110010 01101001 01101100 00100000 01000110 01101111 01101111 01101100 01110011 00100001

Open up Silhouette studio and set up your grid lines so that you’ve separated out your paper the way you’re going to cut it later.  I chose to do 8 pieces of paper for some little note cards to put on people’s desks.  To do that, just click on the rulers and drag them to where you want.  I think that you can do this in the free version, but if not you can just create a box and go to Object – Scale and scale your box to the size you want your cards.  This is just so that you have some design guidelines for the shape of your buzzing bee-inary path.


Ok, now zoom into the box and use the “Draw a curve shape” tool, which looks like a figure 8, to draw out your curve by clicking where you want your points.  It will curve as you go along.  Double click to complete the curve – you don’t need to make it a closed shape.



If you want to edit your curve, to make it smoother, click on the arrow with the curve and points.  Then click on each individual point you want to edit.  You can click on the blue dots out to the side to change the way the curve reacts at that point as well as moving around the white dot.


Once you’ve got your curve, click on the text option and copy your text in.  I sized my text at 8 points.  You’ll also need to fill your text with a black color, so it prints.


Now double click on your text so that the green box appears.


Drag the circle with the arrow to the start of your curve – this will fit your text to the path.


If your text isn’t long enough to fit the entire path, you can either add more bee-inary or increase the distance between the numbers.  You could also just keep it as is, and not use the whole curve.  Here’s an example with the character spacing bumped up.


At this point, I went to Object- Convert to Path.  Then I copied the path 7 times and filled out each square.  I made the image a little smaller as well, so there was some buffer room between each.  Here’s the bee-inary I did for the project (not the April Fools text):  You can download it HERE if you want (personal use only please).Capture8

Printing your Bee-inary

If you’re going to be doing the optional foil embossing, you’ll want to make sure you print with a laser printer.  If you don’t have one at home, you can use the printer at your local print shop (think Office Max, Staples, or a local one if you’ve go it).  Save the file to .pdf by using a .pdf printer driver such as primo pdf.  Otherwise, just print it out on your home printer by going to File – Print!

Cut up your paper

This is exactly what it sounds like.  Cut up your paper so you’ve got little note cards.  I cut the paper in half and just eyed where to separate the verticle spacing.


Optional Foil Embossing

I picked up a new tool this weekend, the Minc foil applicator.  It’s basically a laminator with different settings.  The way it works is by heating up the ink from laser printers, which adheres it to foil.  You can see the same process done with a regular laminator here.  I like the Minc because it can work with my 12×12 sheets of paper and it’s got different heat settings.

I don’t have many pictures, mostly because I did this on my floor which is covered in pet hair, but I do have a few for you.  First you cut the foil to the size of your paper, then you place it into a thin plastic folder, and then you send it through.  When you’re done, the foil sticks to the laser ink and you’ve got a shiny foil emboss.  I did blue, silver, and gold bee-inary.


This stuff is hard to photograph, so please excuse the next picture (which is pretty bad).  I also kept one black.


Add your stamp

Yep- all that’s left is to add the bee stamp!  And here’s the thing – if you’re just printing, you could add a bee to the print ahead of time.  Or add a different bee!  So really, this step is optional as well.

Now I’ve got a bunch of little happy bee-inary note cards to pop on someone’s desk with a little note.


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  1. Ok, first of all, I love the concept of these cards…so clever, and such a cute little result!! And I didn’t even notice on first glance that you’d used the foil embossing…SO cool, I bet they look really neat in person! But best of all, I had no idea you could get text on a path in Silhouette Studio – how did I not know this?? So thanks for that tip! Great project, and thanks a bunch for coordinating this fun little blog hop, friend! 🙂
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