My Swap Philosophy

My Swap Philosophy

Well, hello there!  I wanted to take a quick peek out from behind my self-imposed hiatus to say a few things.  First, I miss you all!  But, this hiatus has been really good for me, and I’m sorry to say that it needs to last for a little bit longer.  My fingers are crossed that I’ll be…

Creative Spark Week 42
Creative Spark Week 41
Print and Cut Fabric Labels
Small World Designer Edition
Creative Spark Week 40
Graffiti Heart Pillow
Creative Spark Week 39
Project of Doom: Blocks 2&3


Creative Spark Week 38
Munich V 2.0

Munich V 2.0

Creative Spark Week 27
Project of Doom – Block 1
Hannover & Travel Update
Organizing With Icons
Creative Spark Week 36
Creative Spark Week 35

Creative Spark Week 34

Hello again! And happy Christmas Eve to those who celebrate. Also, Congrats To Jennifer, who won last week’s giveaway!  Let’s jump right into this week’s favorites! Hey there! Welcome to the Creative Spark Link Party! We know that you are constantly looking for inspiration and we wanted be able to provide a place for you…

Creative Spark Week 33

I’m baaaack!  Plus, we have a new co-host.  Everyone say Hi to Emily from Two Purple Couches!  Hi Emily!  We decided that this deserved a little party, and what does a party mean in blog land?  A giveaway!  So make sure you stick to the end of the party (past the links) to enter for…

2014 Christmas Card + Giveaway

Hi again! This will be my last post from the road. Yay! As you are reading this, I’m spending my last day abroad and plan to head back to cold Minnesota tomorrow. I know I haven’t kept up with my trip overseas as quickly as I would have liked, but I did take lots of…