So you want to make a card…

What was supposed to be a simple introduction into card making has turned into it’s own card making adventure of sorts!  I’ve written up a little bit about different card techniques (including the all important decision of what size you should make your card!).  Each write up has an explanation of the technique, an example of how to use it, and the types of tools you’ll need.  If you’ve never made a card below, feel free to follow the question prompts.  They will take you through the steps you need to get from nothing to a finished card.  Or, if you want to skip to a specific section, head down to the file tree below and choose the technique you are interested in learning more about.

I plan to keep this updated and add some design resources and more examples, but for now I’ll just start with the basics to get you started.  Oh, and there’s a lot of information below.  The beauty of card making is that you don’t have to use every technique in the book to make a great card!  So take things at your own pace and do what inspires you!  Ready?



Which part of the card making process do you want to look at?

“I need to start at the beginning – help me figure out how to choose my card size!”

“I’ve got the cards, send me straight to the decorating!”

“Fancy envelopes – here I come!”


Bah – forget about those pesky prompts, show me the file tree already!

File Tree


Choosing your card size

Buying pre-cut card
Cutting your own cards

Decorating your cards

Printed images
Layering Paper 
Cut outs
Heat Embossing
Inks, Washes, and Stains
Inside of the Card
Using your Silhouette Machine 


Making an envelope
Lining an envelope
Embellishing an envelope

Check out the cards below to see what other’s have made, or even add your own bit of inspiration!

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