Buying Pre-Cut Cards

Buying pre-cut cards takes the work out of sizing your cards, and you can avoid having left over cardstock from cutting your own cards.  It can be a bit more expensive if you want colored cards.  I’ve listed a few of my favorite places to buy pre-cut cards below.  Often you can also purchase just the envelopes.  (None of these are affiliate links – just places I’ve shopped).  If you’re a card maker and have some other suggestions, leave them in the comments and I’ll add them to the list!

  • The Paper Source carries a wide variety of colors in a variety of card sizes.  I used their cardstock for my wedding cards, and highly recommend them.  Each color is sold in it’s own pack, I don’t think they do assorted packs.  You can also buy coordinating cardstock in 8.5×11 sheets as well as envelopes.  They don’t carry 6×6 cards, but they do carry 5.5×5.5 cards (which is useful, since a 6×6 can’t be mailed).  Another great thing about paper source is that you can purchase tri-fold cards and other interesting shapes.
  • Jo-Ann’s carries the David Tutera line of cards.  I haven’t used them before, but they appear to have a decent selection of sizes.  They do have colored cards, but I’ve only seen them in assorted packs.  I think all their envelopes are cream or white, but I’m not sure.
  • Micheal’s carries the Recollections line of cards.  The link shows all of their paper crafting supplies.  If you are looking to buy cards in bulk (50+), these are on the lower end of the price range.  Great for having a light colored base and embellishing!  They do have envelopes as well, but like the David Tutera line, I believe they are all white or cream.

I don’t have a Hobby Lobby, so I can’t advise on what they have, but I’m sure they have something.  Likewise, there are other paper sellers that make cards and envelopes, but the ones above are the ones I’m familiar with.  As I have time, I will search out more options and add them to the list above.  And you can always make your own base!


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