Lining an envelope

If you’re just looking to line your envelope, but to make an entire one yourself, then you’ve come to the right place.  As a side note, if you want to line your envelope *and* make it, I would suggest using a piece of scrapbook paper that’s simple on one side and a bit fancier on the other.  Kill two birds with one stone, you know?

But, let’s get onto creating your lining.  The basic shape to line your card looks like this:


When I’ve done lining by hand, I’ve cut out a piece of paper that is just shy of the length and 2 x width of the card (minus about 1/2″).  Then I mark the middle of the top and where the triangle meets the   square on the sides, and cut a straight line between those.  Here’s a mock-up of what that would look like for an A2 card liner.


You can also use your silhouette to create envelope linings!  And guess what!  I have a cut file for you.  Does that surprise you?


Download the cut file here!

Then it’s just a matter of slapping some double stick tape or glue on the back, carefully tucking them into the card, and pressing down!  I don’t have a photo for you (sorry), but I’ll try to dig out some of the cards I’ve lined in the past so you can see them here.


I just want a little bit of envelope embellishment.

I want to make mine from scratch!

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