Decorating your card

Ok, so you have your card base and you’re ready to decorate it.  Great!  I’ve listed quite a few different options below.  This is not necessarily all extensive, but I tried to put in as many different methods as I could think of.  I tried to put the ones that require less effort and fewer materials at the top, and the more complex methods at the bottom of the list.  Feel free to pick and choose which ones you want to work with!  You can choose to use just one type of decoration, or you can mix and match.  While you can often get great results by using different techniques, don’t forget that sometimes simpler is better!  Especially if you plan to make a bunch of the same cards.  I learned this lesson the hard way with my Christmas cards.  It took me almost a month of on and off work to get those done with all the sketch pen work I did.

But don’t forget the biggest rule of all – HAVE FUN.  Don’t tackle something that’s so intimidating that you’ll run away from it in a panic.  Start with something you find intriguing and go from there, you don’t have to be an expert at everything all at once!  (I know I’m not!)

What decorating method would you like to explore first?

I want sweet and simple – show me how to make cards with just my printer.

What about all those pens I have, how can I use those?

Tell me a bit about stamping!

Oh!  Coloring – I want to color my cards!

Let’s get a bit adventurous and start layering paper!

Ok, I get it it.  How about creating cut outs?

I want to emboss my paper to add texture.

And what’s this I’ve heard about heat embossing?  Tell me more about that.

Inks, washes, and stains!  Oh my!

Oooo! I want to add ribbons, and flowers, and buttons, and all sorts of embellishments!

Ok, I’ve got the outside done.  What about the inside or the back?

This is all really cool!  How can I incorporate my Silhouette machine into card making?


Oops!  I forgot what card size I’m using, take me back there please.

Ok, I want to fancy up my envelopes now.  Do you have any suggestions for that?

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