Yes! Coloring!  This is the only reason you’re here, isn’t it?  To let the little kid inside out!  Let it out!  I’ve only got one colored card to show you.  the card was stamped first, and then it was colored.



When you color you want to make sure that your markers won’t run the inks.  I’ve found that memento inks work well for this, but the Tim Holtz archival ink runs.  The memento is a dye based in.  I don’t know what the Tim Holtz ink is.  It’s entirely possible that it’s an alcohol based ink.  Since my pens are alcohol based, that would make it run.

I have a set of  Spectrum Noir markers that I use to color.  Both these and Copic markers are alcohol based.  I would really like to have a complete set of the Copics as there is a wider variety of colors, but it’s going to take me forever to get them.

And color variety is useful for coloring.  To do shading, you basically want to have 3 colors that are very similar in color.  If you take a look at the base of my mushroom house, there are really only 3 colors of marker there (Spectrum Noir EB2, GB8 and GB 10).  First, I colored the whole area in EB2.  Then I colored the top third in GB8, and finally just the top in GB10.  Once that was all done, I went over with the EB2 to blend it all in.  That’s it!  You just need to keep track of where your shadows and highlights are.

Of course, you can do some really cool things with coloring, but this is just an introduction.  And really, I’m just learning myself, so this will have to do.


Ok, now I really want to go back and stamp something to color.

Let’s take it up a notch and start layering paper.

Let’s go back and take a look at all those decorating options again.

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