Cut outs

So, can you do cool things with cutouts?  Psh!  Of course you can!  Here, take a look at this wedding card I made:


The pattern for this card was adapted from Cindy Bean’s free scherenschnitte pattern.  Scherenschnitte is the art of cutting paper, and it’s pretty darn cool.  Here, I used my silhouette to create the cut out and then layered the papers.  Simple as that!  Or, you could create a cut out in the front of your card so that you could see into the center.  It doesn’t need to be a complex shape either, you could do something as simple as an oval!


Remind me how to layer again please?

Right then!  Show me how to add texture to my paper by embossing!

Let’s go back and take a look at all those decorating options again.

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