Heat Embossing

Like embossing, heat embossing creates texture on your cards.  Instead of pressing something into the paper, however, you are adding something to it.  Usually you’re adding embossing powder.  Here’s a card that uses heat embossing, and a close up of the embossed area.


Depending on the embossing powder, you might be able to get a cleaner look than the card I have here.  We very successfully used heat embossing for our wedding invites, but I’d have to dig those out to take a picture for you.  I’ll do it eventually, I promise.  🙂 (No promises on what eventually means).

Heat embossing uses a few different tools than regular embossing.  Of course, you’ll need some type of embossing powder.  You’ll also want a stamp (it doesn’t really matter what kind) and some ink.  I really like the VersaMark ink, which goes on clear (though they have tinted versions) and doesn’t dry too quickly.  Once you’ve stamped your image, you tap your embossing powder onto the stamped area, gently tap your card, and then remove the extra powder.  I suggest using a mat for this (it can get messy) and tapping your extra powder into a tray so that you can return it to the embossing container for later use.  Finally, you will want to apply heat to the powder so that it melts and create the embossed powder.  I have a heat gun that I use, but you might be able to get away with a hair dryer.


I’d rather just go back to regular embossing.

Let’s do something different.  What’s this about inks, washes, and stains?

Let’s go back and take a look at all those decorating options again.

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