Sometimes, the best thing to do with the inside of the card is to just leave it blank.  But if you really want to add something, or if you want to put a greeting in there, this is the time do it!  You definitely want to keep it simple in here though. I would suggest sticking to stamping, pens, and maybe some coloring or simple paper layering.  Remember, this is where you get to hand write your wishes to whomever the card recipient is!


See that up there?  It’s really simple to look at, and so it doesn’t detract from the card.  However, it was a pain in the neck to do and took SO. MUCH. TIME.  So keep your own sanity in mind as well!

Here’s another tip:  add a bit of personalization to the back.  A stamp that says “handmade with love”, or your logo if you have a blog.  Sometime to let people know that you’re the one who made it.  Sweet, right?


Back to the embellishments!

I have a silhouette!  I really want to use it for cards!  How do I do that?

Let’s go back and take a look at all those decorating options again.

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