Right then, stamping.  There are 3 basic types of stamps that I’ve come across:

Cling stamps:

Rubber stamps:


And rubber cling stamps:


For any of the cling stamps, you will need some type of acrylic block to apply them to.  Cling stamps tend to be less expensive because they don’t come with the block.Don’t worry though, you can use the block again and again since the cling stamps come on and off with ease.    The rubber cling stamps can get a bit pricy though.  However, I tend to like the stampendous brand, so it could be more the brand thing than the material.  I own all three types, but I really don’t use them.  You see, I am just no good at getting the pressure even, and they get all blotchy and lopsided.


See!  Uneven!  This is completely a failing of me and not the stamps (as much as I’d like to blame them).  Thankfully, Earl has always been happy to do the stamping when we do cards so it doesn’t come out looking lopsided, so we have a standing arrangement that he always applies the stamps.  Don’t be afraid of my inadequacies though, There are some really great things you can do with stamps!

Something else you need to think about with stamps are inks.  Most inks will be dye based or pigment based.  Dye inks dry quickly, but are not waterproof.  This might not be a problem for you, but if you using a fibrous paper or planning on inking the paper with dyes later you may want to use a pigment ink to prevent running.  Pigment based inks tend to be thicker and take a little bit longer to dry, but are waterproof.  They will probably need to be heat set with a heat tool or your hairdryer (on low) if you are using them on a glossy paper.


You know what one of my favorite things to do with stamps is right now?  You guessed it – coloring!  You can also cut out around the stamp and treat it as layered paper.  <— This is something I’m having lots of fun with right now.


Back to the pens posthaste!

Who am I kidding?  I know you want the coloring now.

Let’s go back and take a look at all those decorating options again.

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